I am a biological lawyer because I'm am not a robot lawyer

I am not a natal lawyer because no one is a lawyer at birth

I am a real lawyer because I'm not a hologram

I'm a normal lawyer because it's normal for lawyers to like pizza

I am not a cis lawyer because I never went to law school

"I am not a cis lawyer because I never went to law school"


Any time someone calls women "cis women" and admits that TIMs aren't "cis women," they're admitting that they know what a woman is and that they know that a TIM isn't one.

When they say "cis women" they are excluding TIFs though.... who are women...

Technically, they're also excluding me, because I don't "identify" with "gender" at all. The only thing that makes me a woman is my human female body.

I'm a normal woman because it's normal for women to like pizza.

WTF even is that logic?

Actually, you are an artificial woman, because you are using artifice to convince people that you are a woman.

I can't stand that little ground hogging little turd always popping up with some dumb shit coming out of his mouth.. lol

Katy is dumb as a box of rocks and about as useful.

Hey, what if some of those are cool rocks like a shiny pebble or colorful stone! Way more useful!!

KM has absolutely no critical thinking skills. It’s embarrassing.

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