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"You're still a man or woman you just wear really ugly clothes and pretend to be special." This summarizes NB attention queers perfectly 😮‍💨

As someone fond of unisex t-shirts because I have weird arms, I can't believe they actually used "men's" shirts. This is some chef's kiss level trolling, even if accidental.

I unfollowed Sweden’s tourism page on FB just now because they posted a picture of a ~TrAnS~ traditionally Swedish outfit that combines both male and female parts of the costume. It's literally a picture of a dude in a skirt with tall white socks. That's all it is. And OF COURSE it's in pink and blue.

May we have some sort of TQWERTY Non Awareness period? PLEASE?

Where we can pretend it's a boring old conventional hetero/homo world again?

In the future they'll be able to be brains in jars and be their true non-binary selves. Until then...

unfortunately, even neurons are sexed, so no real hope there either XD

And when you get down to the subatomic level you've got 'top' and 'bottom' quarks and 'charm' and 'strange' quarks so already looking a bit transy to me.

yeah, but i mean they won't have a body to be percieved as female or male

and if you want to have an additional laugh, look up 'non-binary' in spanish or italian XD

lol. This would be a good one for r/pointlesslygendered

Women and men's shirts are actually different due to how they are cut.

Not the tshirts I wear. The funny thing is, these shirts are exaggerated. Most t-shirts are more unisex. The male shirt in the ad has sleeves way too long and the women's shirt too short. Same for torso length.

Sometimes women's shirt are flared. I know because I have purchased the "male version" of an online shirt and then I had to tailor it because it had a weird fit on me... Too much long and large at top and tight at bottom.

Buuuuut I've discovered that men's sweaters fit better on me, because they are large whereas women's sweaters are tight and uncomfortable even on plus sizes.

So it is true that the male and female version are different, but you must know your body type to guess which one will fit you perfectly.

I'm glad to hear that unisex has evolved from when it used to be men's shirts (eg, shirts cut for men), just re-labelled.

I have an extremely long torso, so while I like the cut of most women's t-shirts, they don't fit me well.

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