Watching her go from trying to be understanding to mask off radfem has been one of the most glorious things I have ever witnessed.

[–] crodish fujoshit 53 points

She and Sall Grover both. I remember being so disappointed in Sall when she first caved and allowed transwomen on Giggle but since then she's done a full 180 and become extremely vocal about supporting women and calling out men in womanface. I love our TERF leaders 💜

And isn't it grand how both Grover's & Rowling's inner handmaidens died precisely because they tried to "be kind" to TIMs and it didn't work? Rowling & Grover could have easily been TRA allies if the TRAs hadn't gone full "Rape-A-TERF" so quickly.

Who would have ever supposed the creator of HOGWARTS would be a radfem leader, to go down in the herstory books as one of the all time greats? She could have sat this one out completely.

It makes my inner child so happy that the author of the books that brought me and my little group of nerd friends so much joy is fighting by our sides as an adult!

I'd reread the book in the lowest moments of my life, have easily read them 20 times. They were so good that i had to ration pages when a new one came out, only 50 per day cause I'd read the new book in one session on the first day of getting it!

The fact that she's a radfem leader is like idek, if i found out that puppies bark rainbows and gold lol

Yeah, it's the best. If we get to have only one avatar, we lucked out with her. She's not only too big to cancel, she's so damn smart and articulate. The more trolls who engage with her, the more her message spreads.

She's never stopped being respectful though, I've never seen her wish harm on a TIM. Idk how transmaid allies can continue to see her as the devil and the men who are sending literal rape and death threats and showing up at her home as the helpless victims in this scenario. The contrast couldn't be any more glaring.

Is she a radfem? Or is she just gender critical?

She certainly espouses radfem beliefs on a regular basis on Twitter, I don't know if she would call herself it though.

I haven't seen her say anything that would indicate she's a radical feminist, honestly. I think she's just gender critical.

I love her so much. So eloquent, calm and composed. She is a beacon of morality and strength in the face of screaming misogynists.

Here's one thing male feminists and neotrad would-be defenders of women have in common: they don't do it for free. They expect something in return. If they're on the left, they want to normalize porn, kink, and prostitution. If they're on the right, they want to abolish abortion and make divorce more difficult.

A related issue: are there any men who are not neotrad/conservative/religious who are against porn? A lot of second wave feminists are opposed to porn and prostitution, as well as conservative or religious women. But while I’ve met many men who share this opposition on religious grounds, I’ve never met any men who share it on basic feminist grounds. In fact, a couple of friends who are generally not bad on politics/feminism (and are fathers of daughters) think porn is a valid job choice, and when I got them to watch Hot Girls Wanted (a great doc, if hard to watch) they said “this is just the fringe cases, works out well for most women who choose porn 👿🤬

Very few. I can think of a handful of men like Robert Jensen, Noam Chomsky, Bret Weinstein, and maybe Derrick Jensen. who might fit that category. Other than that, most men who are anti-porn are that way because it was ruining their sex life. Women's well-being might not even factor into their thinking at all. "Eye strain caused by staring at a computer screen" will enter their list of reasons not to use porn before "I don't want to contribute to the exploitation of vulnerable women and girls".

this is just the fringe cases, works out well for most women who choose porn

Oh, sure. Just like it works out well for most women who nudes are leaked by a vengeful ex. The vast majority of men are deeply invested in porn being free and easily accessible.

John Stoltenberg, Andrea Dworkin's...partner? Not sure how to characterize that relationship, wrote a book called "Refusing to be a Man" and was also involved in a project called "Men Against Pornography" back in the '90s.

Sam Vaknin has a sizeable following on YT, openly mocks religion, and blames pornography for a lot of the breakdown between the sexes. points to it as a main reason the younger generations are having less sex than ever. for guys visual pornography is pretty much as good as the real thing, so they don't feel like they need women, and women are so disgusted by mainstream porn (and being surprised choked/sodomized) that they've given up on men entirely.

It's rare but sometimes they come around. They come around a lot faster when it's their own life on the line too - we're seeing an epidemic of young men with PIED. Once the man is harmed by it enough to try to quit, he's not longer going to become defensive when the harms of porn are pointed out to him so these addicts do sometimes support feminist arguments against porn, in the end. The women in /r/antipornography in particualr are doing the Goddess' work enlightening these men that it's not just their own dick that's being harmed by pornography.

My boyfriend is atheist and Liberal, but after I explained my issues with porn he actually understood. He hasn't watched it since we started our relationship and agrees with my points about porn. Still not a conclusion he came to by himself, but still good. There are sadly not many men like that, most will keep doing it even if they know it is bad.

My Nigel doesn’t watch it either and treats women with respect. My friends make excuses for their boyfriends all the time and turn a blind eye, but it doesn’t take long to uncover their misogyny. It isn’t something men need to do jfc.

FWIW, I have a good (atheist) friend who is yes. I don't think I could deal with any porn-apologist friend anymore at this point.

I have a lot of trouble with it. I get that they enjoy the effortless penis-feelz, but it comes at a very high cost to the women involved. That's true of Stoya, who is one of the highest paid, claims she finds it empowering (although she also talks about her IRL boyfriend and co-star non-consensually choking her out on set.) It's exponentially worse for run of the mill 18 year olds with no agent, no earning power, and no ability to say 'no.'

If you can learn about how ugly it is, and still like the cheap fap material ... that's a problem.

Yeah... no. The porn/kink/prostitution normalizers aren't leftist, they're just right-wingers who don't go to church.

There's a reason all those dudes sound alike. It's because they're all on the same side.

‘You need to support men who hate you’

Yeah, how about no?

Does she even know how bright her light shines, and how much hope she gives to us (women)?

I wrote her a letter and her assistant sent me a lovely reply. The reply basically said: "While Jo can't read every letter, I have made her aware of the supportive messages and she is humbled and grateful for the support from women like you"

Ive been wanting to do that!! What do you address the letter to?

You can always send her an email via her website (obviously, she won't read all the messages nor reply to them herself, but her team seems super great)!

I sent her a short appreciation email a little while back and got the loveliest response. She may not see all the support messages personally, but I'm sure she's made aware of how much of them she receives :)

God, she is so calm and eloquent. I don't understand how anyone can read her words and think she's either mean or ignorant.

If she was a man, hordes of fanboys would praise her eloquence and love for truth. Too bad she is an "uppity woman".

If you needed to demonstrate the OPPOSITE of mean and ignorant, you could not find a better example than JK Rowling.

[–] Gwen 24 points

I've already bought all her books, now what? Send flowers? I couldn't adore her more.

I like to donate $23 to Lumos (for the sex chromosomes of course) xx

What is Lumos??

Lumos It's a charity JKR founded, dedicated to helping displaced children and their mothers worldwide, helping mothers in poverty and other desperate situations keep their children and not institutionalize them. A great mission!

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 26 points

Rowling calling out leftwing misogyny is the bee's knees. Truely. Abusive liberal men made me say, fuck all yall, goodbye.

How can ANYONE hate her? She is so precious. Rowling you are an absolute GODDESS

Here it is: I never was a Harry Potter fan and was a bit weary about her stance on trans ideology (like is she just gender critical or is she actually a feminist), but at this point in time she really has gained my full respect. Standing up full force to the misogynists from both ends. Not faltering from wherever the storm of patriarchy blows. Swatting away the offers of false allies! This is true integrity. Mrs. Rowling, you got my truest and fullest respect now.

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