He says the most basic self-help mantras and his incel audience eats it up. Dude just says that you should wash your ass, clean your space and go after what you want with dedication and grit. Yet these men act like he just wandered down from the mountain with a message from god. 😒

When their Mum says the same stuff to them, she's trying to castrate them.

If Petersen stuck to teaching directionless young men to clean their rooms and do something with their lives, I'd be all for him. But he falters when he steps outside of his lane and tries to advise women on what to do

He has said he can’t give advice to women because women have everything planned out and they all know exactly what they want. But in the next breath: the feminine is ChAoS!

Not to mention he is writing self-help books when his own mental health is so terrible he can’t get through an interview without breaking down into tears. He tells others to clean their rooms and his own house is a disaster. He has a career as a speaker and can’t put together a sentence. It would be really sad if it weren’t so harmful to innocent women and racial minorities.

At least they are listening to someone and want to improve? lol. I don't even mind him on many issues but whenever it involves women I tend to disagree so strongly it makes it tough to listen to him other issues. (we don't have many alternative voices on issues in canada so I sometimes listen to him)

I like some of the things he says and I like someone trying to wrangle the incels. If he could just stfu about women and guide men I'd be 100% behind him.

Young men these days are all too lacking in positive male role models growing up, and he's the first many ever had.

Teaches unfuckable dorks that it’s actually women’s fault and not because their personalities suck.

I’m confused. Isn’t that the opposite of what he teaches?

I thought he told the incels to take responsibility for themselves and consider what they have to offer a partner. You know, exactly what every woman who ever talked about incels has said but some of them listen to him because he’s a man.

I don’t like him because I think he reinforces male entitlement and delusions of male superiority in much more subtle ways. But I thought his basic messaging to his incel fans was solid?

Well it is, and it isn’t. The way Peterson talks is very slippery; he phrases things in a particular way to maintain deniability while having it open to interpretation. So he’ll say incels need to get their shit together but then also endorse “enforced monogamy” as a cure for violent men (thereby putting the blame/onus on women and their standards/lack of interest in relationships with men as the reason incels exist).

That's a good point, I'd forgotten he said that. I totally agree about him being slippery, that's what I was trying to get at when I talked about him reinforcing male entitlement in subtle ways. "Enforced monogamy" was a mask-off moment for sure.

I think the meme maker probably could have phrased it better though, it's way too easy for people who are fans or have just a passing familiarity with Peterson to dismiss it as the work of someone who doesn't know anything about him. The meme is so beautifully executed otherwise!

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The idea he endorsed forced pairing of incels with women is a fatuous lie. Please post the link that quotes him saying that, it's easy to find his emphatic denial of that claim.

"Clean your room" doesn't sound like "it's the women's fault" though...

He talks plenty more about females and their HYPERGAMOUS NATURE because they've tested DNA and seen that there were some men in power who seemed to provide all the sperm for many many women

(What he doesn't talk about is sexual slavery, harems, rape, etc. Instead he just uses "Women only like chads, so you gotta BECOME a chad")

It's so sad that the incels finally listen when a man says it. I just picture their mothers ripping their hair out as their incel sons excitedly tell them about this genius, genius man and how his advice to make the bed and clean their room changed their life and my god isn't he just brilliant, Mom?

he has mixed messaging, while he talks a lot about taking responsibility for oneself, he also blames women for stuff and a lot of misogynistic ideas.

I think many of his male followers lacked a decent father figure in life. Which makes sense why so many "basic" advice really resonates with them. They didn't have anyone to tell them any of that before.

Agreed, I think it's great if he's improving their lives, I just wish he wouldn't blame women for things.