"Every topic is gamergate."

Spot on.

I didn't quite get that part, why is journalism in gaming relevant here?

Because it was never about that. It was about a domestic abuser convincing an entire movement of MRAs and incels to harass, stalk and threaten his ex.

Quinn is now a “non-cisgender” they/them (whatever the fuck that means…) I’m sure it’s TOTALLY unrelated to her spending most of the last decade having men email her photoshopped/deepfake gore/porn of herself…

Thank you for being the only one to actually answer my question.

It really doesn't. Wikipedia is incredibly inaccurate when it comes to... well anything that isn't science and even then they make things up.

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related... "This is trans genocide!" "It is NOT! How could it be genocide when trans is not a racial/ethnic group?"

“AcTuAlLy, it’s about ETHICS in gaming JOURNALISM!!!”

Christ, I haven’t heard that little nugget in years!! Sarkeesian feels like a lifetime ago…

One of the many reasons I severely cut my Twitter usage up until I closed my account. Getting death and rape threats from men for daring to be a woman online, child grooming being all over the place... I even saw some article not too long ago that apparently, some woman actually sued Twitter because it refused to take down videos of her being raped as a child, and claimed those didn't go against the rules! Twitter has become absolutely horrible.

"some woman actually sued Twitter because it refused to take down videos of her being raped as a child"

Im sorry, WHAT?!

According to a she/they in the replies:

Pretty sure the hashtag [#TwitterHatesWomen] is a terf thing because they're mad at the fact they keep getting banned for being transphobic on here. You're definitely correct about the insane levels of misogyny on here though and how Twitter does fuck all about it.

I'm glad I'm not on twitter because god the lack of comprehension and critical thinking makes me want to scream >.<

The original tweet didn't even say anything about the trans thing!! If someone mentions sexism and your first thought is that they're transphobic...YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

I could be wrong but I think #TwitterHatesWomen popped up specifically to support Aja who got banned the other day for a powerful poem about the racism and misogyny of the TRAs. (https://twitter.com/SiannaDit/status/1547013963216560128) So, the response is accurate minus the complete lack of self-awareness that trans ideology is misogyny.

This is why Twitter refuses to ban porn even though they are enabling minors being constantly exposed to it 😡

Good job, anonymous, now cover the trans bullshit

It would be a sick burn if anonymous roasted TRAs.

They have put out posts before questioning why so many old, rich white dudes are funding the trans movement..

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Twitter and reddit both. Great on the surface, rotten to the core