Bruh don't do hollow knight dirty like that! XD Seriously though, every NB I have ever met looks the same. The women look like 13 year old anime boys and the men look like Jesus with makeup.

the men look like Jesus with makeup

LOL this is SO accurate! 😂

I’m playing Hollow Knight for the first time and it’s beautiful! If only all NBs were as quiet as the Knight lol.

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Everytime I think about wokeist gender identity, and this transhumanist hogwash, I think of that Community episode where they wanted to create an absolutely non offensive mascot. And ended up creating something called the "Greendale Human" which was an alien looking thing with no mouth. That's how I see these people, everytime lol. That bit of ludicrous humour on that show is how people act in real life.

I love that episode!

And then their flag symbol is a butthole. 🤣

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I saw this meme and had a hearty chuckle. I hope you enjoy my edit!

Lol that last one was originally a design for an "autism mascot" made on one of the autism subreddits, I believe.

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Oh really? I didn't know that. I liked the pictures that the other OP used so I just kept them.

And that reminds me of when I talked to Terry Pratchett at a book signing, back in my Goth days. He asked if he’d signed for me before and I said “No, but you have for some of my friends and we all look alike.” (We were thirty-something Goths in it for fun.)

He then talked about how vampire girls rebel by wearing pink twinset-and-pearls and drinking wine - this was just before Carpe Jugulum came out. :)