I had never thought of it that way but you’re right

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I think the mainstream news media helps out with the effort as well. They make sure to feed us constant stories about abducted women and children to keep us in a constant state of panic. Not that these things should never be reported on, but they don't deserve the primetime consideration that political issues we should actually be working on do. It would be one thing if reporting these stories lead to policy changes that protected us, but they don't. They're presented as entertainment at best, and a reminder to all of us to mind our manners to avoid this fate at worst. Interesting that TIMs jump straight to threats of rape and violence whenever they want us to shut up too.

Edited to add: I think they do this with racial minorities as well. Little boys are kidnapped and white men are killed by the cops, but notice how these are never in the news? I understand that there is systemic racism in our police force, but it seems like the powers that be want this to be want to use this fear as a tactic to keep minorities in line and to make sure they focus 100% of their activism on this one issue rather than fighting for economic equality.