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I immediately recoil from lefty male "feminists". Every time they're creepy raging misogynists, which is ironic.

Like the ones I've met IRL are always 1. "Open-minded" sexually 2. Pro-prostitution 3. Talks positively of porn 4. Says outright derogatory things about women, like them being worse at math or whatever or 5. Actually sexually or physically assaulted women lmao.

I ironically can only discuss radical feminism with right-wing-leaning men. They argue with me but don't get viscerally upset and sometimes even agree with me or change their mind on things.

I really don't fucking understand and it's why I prefer spending time with women (besides my Nigel of course).

They're all right-leaning men. The "lefty" ones just don't go to church.

Today's left and right are two sides of the same bullshit coin.