Yes he is 100% a rapey person in real life.

Men who go on about being a feminist always mean the aspects of feminism that benefits them. They are not true allies. I’d much rather they just be honest and stay home.

It's interesting to me that his interpretation of "consequences" is "law enforcement" and therefore his chosen action is a crime.

For instance, I love ice cream, but I have IBS. I would love to eat like ten different pints of ice cream, while avoiding the consequence of crying on the toilet at 2am.

No crime committed (except those against my poor guts).

But his immediate, go-to desire is to hurt someone.

Actually, all of his options are awful things.

Although, my first thought on seeing his post is also an awful thing, but it would bring peace to the world.

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Sometimes I wish men were bold enough to admit and advertise that they think stuff like this so we would be warned of who they really are to avoid them. But then I expect there wouldn't be any men left.

Someone claiming to be that guy has been responding to everyone who RTed the original post by Woke Misogyny. Either a decent troll or a legitimate crazy person.

This is the one I got:

It's me. I wrote that. When I wrote that, I had a particular woman who I was obsessed with in mind, and I thought it wouldn't be enough just for rape to be legal, she would also have to not fight or resist me and there would have to be no STDs/pregnancy. No negative consequences.

Pretty sure he thinks rape is bad because it's illegal.

No negative consequences? From rape? Like nevermind being a rapist, is he stupid too?

To him, the negative consequences that he cares about bc he can't see her as a person.The trauma from rape eludes his mind. He just doesn't care.

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I immediately recoil from lefty male "feminists". Every time they're creepy raging misogynists, which is ironic.

Like the ones I've met IRL are always 1. "Open-minded" sexually 2. Pro-prostitution 3. Talks positively of porn 4. Says outright derogatory things about women, like them being worse at math or whatever or 5. Actually sexually or physically assaulted women lmao.

I ironically can only discuss radical feminism with right-wing-leaning men. They argue with me but don't get viscerally upset and sometimes even agree with me or change their mind on things.

I really don't fucking understand and it's why I prefer spending time with women (besides my Nigel of course).

They're all right-leaning men. The "lefty" ones just don't go to church.

Today's left and right are two sides of the same bullshit coin.

Drives me up the wall when people end a sentence with "but yeah."

Dude 100% wanted someone to tell him "Nah bro that's totally normal we all have that animal instinct but good guys don't act on it so don't feel bad."

I dream of finding a beautiful man who is disgusted by misogyny and assault.

They want it both ways. When a man is accused of rape, other men will either rush to his defense or shrug it off by saying something that boils to, "it's male nature and they can't help themselves"..hmmm..kinda sounds like they are admitting that all men are rapists or have the potential to be one given the right circumstances to me, but when women rightfully respond to the threat by taking measures to protect themselves around men, men lose their shit and start namalting...

Cant even think of a single person you think the world would be better off without??? So your answer is rape someone? Disgusting.

Fr this dude could have stolen Bill Gates’ identity and embezzled billions or burn a competitor’s business to the ground. And he chooses one of the most damaging, disgusting violent crimes someone can commit.

A true male feminist ally would say something like, " I would ****** a few members of the Supreme Court" or something like that..

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If you can’t think of a single person the world would be better off without, that means it’s you the world would be better off without.

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