But the reason your breast size is so sexualised is because of crap like this. They aren't showing real breasts, theyre showing large fake no stretch marks no sagging no big nipples none of the ACTUAL features of large breasts..

I say this as someone who has had a breast reduction

I get what you're saying, but I think a lot of people believe that breasts above a certain size aren't real/can't be natural also because of stuff like this.

I was on the other side of a LOOOOOT of comments growing up about back pain and sagging and cow boobs that hang things like that. Real large breasts are ridiculed all the time especially by younger men. It's all about perkiness and all of that. People know real large breasts exist, they just aren't attracted to it

As someone on the other side of the aisle, all I see from large breasted women is PAIN. Anime paints women with smaller breasts as less attractive so I guess I felt offended? But these coomers aren't worth keeping, and big breasts HURT. So now when I see women with large breasts I wince and wonder how many fking bras they need... One young woman I knew barely out of HS needed like 3 bras to keep herself supported, and the fact it's on your chest and could impede breathing or the fact you can't run without a constant applause is hell.

Large breasts that are "perky" is also a pornified lie and it's annoying as frick. Leave these women alone!!!