Makes me wonder how TRAs would prefer the English language to even be taught, like if they had their way and were able to change school curriculum down to this level to be more "inclusive."

The more I think about it, that would permanently change the entire English language if we changed how children learned it. "The girl walked his/their dog." Idk. Let's hope they don't get this far.

They would prefer the "feminine submissive" looking people to be called "she", the "masculine, powerful" ones to be called "he" and the neutral ones to be called "they". Excuse me for being beyond insulted that they clearly believe that girl/women = shallow frilly and weak.

They’re always reeeeing about stuff like that. I’m currently learning Spanish and… yknow it’s a gendered language and people get so fucking triggered over it.

It’s literally how the language is structured, it’s hard to explain in English but it makes sense when you see it written down and it’s complicated enough to learn it without pandering to all their new stupid rules.

Bumble recently added ethnicities and they have Latinx as an option but not Latino/Latina. 100% linguistic and cultural imperialism

They’re literally forcing it on Latino people. They’ve stated time and time again that they don’t like or want the term - some even consider it a slur, yet they’re constantly ignored!?

There isn't really a correlation between grammatical gender and sexed oppression anyway. Turkish for example is a gender neutral language.

Masculine is the default for professions in my native language, but when I say "I have to go to the [masculine gender] doctor" in my mind I think of my doctor who is female. So I feel like, for example, 50% of doctors being women would have more of an effect on a social level than if grammar was changed.

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I was slightly sorry it wasn’t “see the lion get on the swing” but it’s perfect!

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I can't buhlEEv they're literally teaching Jenna side in da skoolz[§]

...Besides, see grlfrnd there who's holding that big pencil? All this stuff about "boys" and "Girls"... they're just lion about all of it. 😶

[§]: where the more they say shit like that, the more likely it becomes that actual instances where genocidal values have been taught in schools—like with the U.S.-made elementary school books that eventually brought the Taliban on ourselves—will just be forgotten smh

yet another case of schools literally teaching kids hate speech 😓😓😓


Yes, that doesn't make sense. Good/bad, up/down, sacred/profane are opposites, but boy and girl are simply two different sexes, not "opposites."

As in the opposite sex, a term they'll probably never hear, sigh. I like it because it promotes the binary. There are two things and one is the opposite of the other. God knows they are diametrically opposed, with women always coming out the losers.

is this a trap?

Seriously speaking? This books seems fine but in general it's how kids learn to associate sex with length of hair, style of dress, activities/interests, etc. Unless this is counteracted at a later age, it's probably going to carry over into adulthood.