, but i've seen some really gross comments to mothers here that are concerning. I've been wanting to open this topic up more but am a little nervous

I'm curious to know when this happened. I've never seen it on here (maybe said comments were removed).

People can downvote me all they want, i don't care. There was a thread about raising boy children for women that are afraid to have sons. OP was really positive and there were many supportive comments, but also some really upvoted comments about how having sons at all adds to our oppression and we shouldn't even be creating more males. I get the anger where women are coming from, but I am also weary of the backlash of young boys internalizing these messages. It's uncomfortable to confront, but a lot boys and men who are trying to identify out of maleness have reported that it's from messages like this. Do we need to coddle and cater to those males by smoothing their egos and saying they are perfect angels? Absolutely not. But if we sincerely care about children, we owe it to young boys to believe that they are worthy. I love what Dr. Gail Dines has to say about her raising her boys with radical feminism as their first language.

but a lot boys and men who are trying to identify out of maleness have reported that it's from messages like this.

I highly doubt this is actually the case. I think it's just another way of blaming women for male problems. How many young boys and men read radfem opinions in sincerity? It's male supremacist society that makes them believe they have to live up to a certain image of what a man is supposed to be.

Like for example growing up surrounded by violent porn, it would be a perfectly healthy reaction to not want to be like the men in those video clips. But the alternative isn't to claim to not be male – that changes nothing and is part of the same ideology that keeps the current social order going.

Yeah i agree that this is another way of blaming women for male problems - and have considered that few men and boys are, in sincerity, reading and contemplating radfem analysis with the intent of gaining deeper understanding. What I meant to say is that in the ultra-woke, tumblr-enforced world where the idea of cisheteronormativecolonialcapitalism is the ultimate enemy, you gotta think about being raised from birth in internet culture where 'straight cis white males!!!' are the ultimate worst category to be in when it comes to the oppression olympics, which is social currency.There is also the reality that more and more women and girls are speaking out about male terrorism, which we know is a reality, but whether or not they understand where we are coming from, i've read many accounts of parents of gender confused kids who say their boys want to opt out of being a scary man who is harmful to women. Of course, you'd wish that they have parents that can instill strong values of self-esteem and respect. Does that make any sense? Just trying to explain a perspective i often consider when it comes to woke internet culture and young kids.