Yeah, I get venting, but it makes me nervous seeing extreme views here. It's important that we don't fall into demonizing TIMs too much, or else our concerns and criticisms lose merit. The worst TIMs are the loudest, so it's easy to become biased.
The whole movement is destructive, but we should remember that many of the individuals are just extremely confused, mentally ill people who need therapy. One of the most productive, smart, creative, independently successful people I know is a friend of mine who's a TIM, but he's not at all like the ones we hear about here. He doesn't try to speak for women, doesn't try to invade women's spaces, and has actually told me how much he detests and resents TRAs. He keeps me grounded on the topic. But he is ill and needs help.

You just did a “not my Nigel!” with a TIM.

Oh my.

I wish you a speedy peaking!

Already peaked, clearly. Just haven't gone over the deep end into black and white, good and evil thinking. That kind of thing will drive people away from our cause and make us easy to dismiss as hateful bigots.

I get you, I have a friend who is a TiM too, but I find him a slight exception as well because he's also not a fan of the mainstream trans movement and clearly just needs help that I hope he can get once he can move out (he has plans already once he's an adult). He's 17 and comes from an abusive family with a father who hates him for being too "feminine" so I can see why he went trans even if I dont agree with him doing so. I even vented about trans issues to him in a very honest manner and he was one of the most level headed people Ive ever talked to about the topic. These kind are the absolute TINY minority though.