All of these people talking about boundaries but you know most of them would still never defend a woman with boundaries around her partner consuming porn.

Yet they still do this to women. Men are self aware and women need to stop believing they don't know what they're doing. They know.

This was one of the good things about FDS. They’d tell women “he KNOWS”, because all the other relationship subreddits would gaslight her into doing emotional labor and giving endless benefits of the doubt.

I was gonna say…I guarantee you every man who wrote these comments does these things

Absolutely, they may be clueless about a lot of things but they know what they're doing when they mistreat women and play dumb about it

TIMs are literally one of the worst subsets of men. Now I might get ratiod for saying this but some men actually aren't completely awful- sometimes they even have aspirations beyond jerking off and violence! 😏

Agree completely. There’s always a chance a man is decent, or even better than decent. But the very fact of going TIM says he is absolute irredeemable scum.

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I agree, i understand the mindset of some radfems around the topic of every single male being horrible (i've been there), but at the end of the day i think it's fruitless to lose hope in the decency of some men, especially young boys who are being raised in this culture. This doesn't mean to throw caution to the wind or drop your guard, but i've seen some really gross comments to mothers here that are concerning. I've been wanting to open this topic up more but am a little nervous

, but i've seen some really gross comments to mothers here that are concerning. I've been wanting to open this topic up more but am a little nervous

I'm curious to know when this happened. I've never seen it on here (maybe said comments were removed).

People can downvote me all they want, i don't care. There was a thread about raising boy children for women that are afraid to have sons. OP was really positive and there were many supportive comments, but also some really upvoted comments about how having sons at all adds to our oppression and we shouldn't even be creating more males. I get the anger where women are coming from, but I am also weary of the backlash of young boys internalizing these messages. It's uncomfortable to confront, but a lot boys and men who are trying to identify out of maleness have reported that it's from messages like this. Do we need to coddle and cater to those males by smoothing their egos and saying they are perfect angels? Absolutely not. But if we sincerely care about children, we owe it to young boys to believe that they are worthy. I love what Dr. Gail Dines has to say about her raising her boys with radical feminism as their first language.

Yeah, I get venting, but it makes me nervous seeing extreme views here. It's important that we don't fall into demonizing TIMs too much, or else our concerns and criticisms lose merit. The worst TIMs are the loudest, so it's easy to become biased.
The whole movement is destructive, but we should remember that many of the individuals are just extremely confused, mentally ill people who need therapy. One of the most productive, smart, creative, independently successful people I know is a friend of mine who's a TIM, but he's not at all like the ones we hear about here. He doesn't try to speak for women, doesn't try to invade women's spaces, and has actually told me how much he detests and resents TRAs. He keeps me grounded on the topic. But he is ill and needs help.

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I'll give them the benefit of doubt when they stop skinwalking us.

Your friend, as "grounded" as he might be, still claims womanhood because he identifies as one.

Turns out TIMs have more in common with men than women . This comes as a surprise to no one.

Making you pretend something that both of you know is a lie

“How was that for you? Great huh?”

“We are lesbians together”

Yup 100%. Wish more people could see this - everything makes sense when you recognize that they are just men

Image transcription: r/AskReddit

Men of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in men that women should look out for?


Pushing small boundaries that aren't a "big deal." Then, once called out on it, backpedaling, apologizing for it and then DOING IT AGAIN.

Lack of respect for boundaries.

Emotional manipulation, trying to guilt trap you

Can't take no as an answer. Acting as if fucking the whole world is an achievement.

Sexual pressure after you directly reject an advance. Healthy people with your interests in mind only need to hear no one time and are respectful of boundaries if they bring it up again in the future.

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Does this thread still exist? AND DO MALES ACTUALLY READ WHAT THEY WRITE? Do they have a LITTLE self awareness?

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