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Even with all the editing, all four shots still just look like drag queens.

Edited to add: I mean that as a compliment to these men though. The "best passing" TIMs who put in a ton of effort, like Blaire White, look and act like drag queens to me. On the other end of the spectrum are the serial killer looking dudes who look like my dad raided a middle school girl's closet with wonky, Joker makeup.

I always wonder if BW does this weird valley girl talking and eye touching and exaggerated hair touching every 30 seconds also when he's just chilling alone at home lol

If any woman filmed herself with those mannerisms on YouTube she would get shit on for being an attention-seeking moron, but if a male does it it's fine.

So true, it gives " gay man who thinks women are exactly like what he sees in straight porn" vibes, which well, is exactly what he is. Also, not relevant, but he was actually a cute, attractive man. Now he looks literally like one of these old timey gummi blowup dolls for men to have sex with.

he definitely does. Blaire did it before transitioning too as a gay man. I respect Blaire tho because they never claim to be the same as real women and say that they are actually the opposite

I respect Blaire tho because they never claim to be the same as real women and say that they are actually the opposite

That's the bare minimum, though. He's still a walking mockery of us, and most of the things he says are still deeply misogynistic.

Everything about the way he talks, even the expressions he uses reminds me of flamboyant gay men I've known over the years.

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Oh fuuuuuck lmao I really want a TIMstagram site to flip through and laugh my ass off

You can do it just by comparing posted photos to 'tagged' photos. You're welcome!

That blonde TIM is a good looking guy. Sometimes I really don't get what they are running away from. He's a handsome white dude, surely life is not that bad?

He's either one of those narcissistic incels who thinks sexual harassment is a privilege and that women "live life on easy mose" or just another porn sick AGP. Or both.

Nothing worse than being called white, a racist, privileged, rich, or being asked to stop speaking over the people you oppress. The horror!

Shows what they think women should be, doesn’t it? The bottom two, especially the one on the right, don’t look remotely like real humans.

We're just aliens with stick-thin appendages that vaguely resemble humans. XD

Right? Given how thin he is and the shape of his arms, he just looks emaciated.

Wait are those actually the same people ?????

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Yeah they actually are. Look at how weird and distorted the arm is? These images are more heavily manipulated than the Johnny Depp hashtag ratios.

I guess even they are not delusional enough to think they can actually pass, even on photos. Yet everyone else is expected to pretend they do.

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