Imagine what his body looks like if his face looks like that. No 23-year-old girl deserves that.

[–] Occam 25 points Edited

Yeah, definitely don’t look up his beer gut 🙄 he’s brazenly trying to tie her down when she’s in the prime of her youth (before she’s even got a chance to realise what truly matters in life), and this bottom-feeder slug who’s more than twice her age (and at least 2.5x her age when they first met) knows it.

Fucking sickening that her family enabled this, and that the media expect us to celebrate this. Extra disheartening that, as is apparent from her socials, her primary pastimes are being a food therapist / nutritionist and a Pilates instructor—a combination in young women which almost certainly means her life revolves around trying to be the best sexual object she can be 24/7.

Dang. Dane Cook did NOT age gracefully. LOL

I don't see how the hell that has-been can snag a hot, young trophy wife. Cook's career died when this girl was still in diapers. So I can't imagine she's star struck. Just....WTF?

Dane met her when she was underage so there's def some grooming involved.

Oh but they started dating when she was 18. 🙄 Sure bud.

Best case scenario he didn't make any advance until she was 18 but was prowling until then. Which is still gross. The best case scenario is still disgusting. And I don't think the best case scenario happened. Definitely grooming involved...

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 13 points

His botox and fillers are a crime against humanity ffs...

Looking like you've just taken a bunch of punches to the face is no way to go through life.

I had to look at the photo again after reading your comment, didn't even know it was Dane Cook! Did he hit the wall or did the wall hit him? Yikes.

[–] crodish fujoshit 23 points

Fuck me Dane Cook is 50? Also jesus that girl deserves better than that misogynistic shrivelled ballsack

Read somewhere that they apparently met when she was 15. So many red flags. I'm a couple years older than her and would sooner die than be with someone 20+ years my senior (who also started grooming me from childhood). I did get groomed as a kid by multiple men, and I feel sickened just thinking about those men now.

Gross. I'm in my 50s and I wouldn't date a guy who looks like him.

[–] Misssarcasm Meme Queen 6 points

Thats why guys like him go for young girls, real women are not interested in him

How long time can their love be, if they've only been able to legally date for a few years? Gross.

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