Who will get credit for being correct about this shit? THE MEN!

And, although it has been dangerous for us this whole time, when people come around they will all act as if they were on board the whole time instead of being complicit

Some will say that we're wrong about everything else. They just do not want to give up sexualizing us, a common reason why girls and women "identify" as anything but.

Iโ€™ve noticed they are already lining up to. There are so many men, especially in the right, who are using brilliant GC womens ideas and acting as if they came up with them.

I just wish it were more acceptable to talk about without having to be anonymous. I'm getting braver IRL but it can be tough.

If people who are critical of this ideology, particularly women and especially radical feminists, are expected to be apologetic about or qualify our statements online, well, we've already seen examples of what can happen offline when we center our issues. Part of it is also that a lot people do not know the true pervasiveness of the various ideologies that harm girls and women so they see us as melodramatic (which girls and women are often seen as) :/

Wait, I thought Matt Walsh was the pioneer of all this stuff

Havenโ€™t you seen his

โ€œWoman:adult human female โ€œ black tshirts?


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Watt Malsh my hero who wrote Transsexual Empire and founded MichFest. An absolute legend. He gets into brawls with antifa every year on IWD. Love that guy.

I heard sometimes he even lets his wife drive and only cries about it a little bit. What a legend!

He discovered a hole in the ground and was able to compare and differentiate it from his ass

I love when Matt Walsh called a woman a fake when she had been fighting this fight since long before he had ever even known about it. Male overconfidence is a plague

That is rich

When was that?

I saw it a few days ago, unfortunately I don't remember who it was and can't look it up because my twitter account just got suspended (because I tweeted that if I ever encountered a TIM in the women's sauna I'd kick him in the balls and apparently thats enough for total account suspension...)

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Don't you mean his "I need help opening this jar" shirts?

Of all the things a woman isโ€ฆ.

Not even โ€˜the sex that loves precision sport but cant manage to get socks/underwear into the laundry basket, dirty plates into the sink, urine inside the commodeโ€ฆ.etcโ€™

Well at least one man has acknowledged it was us ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

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War is far from over but battles are being won. Keep fighting!!


Image Transcription: Twitter

Graham P @ gwpurnell

Who was right about Lia Thomas? The TERFs
Who was right about women's rugby? The TERFs
Who was right about puberty blockers? The TERFs
Who was right about Tavistock? The TERFs
People are beginning to see a pattern.
Things have shifted.

That is so fucking satisfying.

hello, I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm new to the community. what do the purple, white and green hearts mean?

I don't want to make a separate post since I don't know what circle to post it in, and it feels like too trivial of a thing to make a separate post about.

They are the British suffrage flag colors.

[โ€“] Lipsy #bornnotworn 2 points

I've read that Green, White, Violet were chosen to stand for "Give Women Votes".
Smells kinda like a reverse-engineered tale, but, cool either way

I just wish he didn't use "TERFs" as though it is a credible or unoffensive term, or at least used it like this "'TERFS'" or "The people (women especially) labeled as 'TERFs'".

I kind of like it, because it carries the implication, "THESE are the people you're insulting? The ones who are right?" I like that he's not saying "ok agreed TERFs are bad but we have to admit the gender critical viewpoint turns out to be correct."

I hope youโ€™re right.

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It's very glacial, but the situation is a lot different from even two years ago, and definitely from 5, 10, 20 years ago. Compared to the landslide "progress" manufactured by TRAs within mere years, this is genuine progress, that faced genuine censorship and pushback.

We will win. Maybe not in this lifetime, as pessimistic as that is. But truth prevails. Men are not women, and sex is immutable. ๐Ÿ’œ