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I saw this! The community is trans-nuts about this game though, there's a supposedly female bird character with a female name (Julia I think?) and coding (her name color appears pink, which is how females are coded in the game) who was given a male peacock skin and TRANblr immediately went nuts about this new transwoman-coded character. Which begs the question why no one assumed Julia could just as easily have been a transman-coded character? Is it because even in a silly simple video game, it's recognizable that biology is innate? That people know peacock = male? That it would have been intensely tRaNspHoBic to assume Julia was really "AFAB" literally having a male skin? 🤔🤔🤔

I laughed hard the first time I saw this on the loading screen. None of the characters, avatars or NPCs, are obviously sexed aside from the name color, and both male and female characters can wear ANY item of gendered clothing. I have a male avatar running around (hated the eyelashes the girls had) in a really pretty stained glass dress I won from a gacha, still a woman tho lmao

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Gender people have ruined literally every geeky fandom it's so bad. :(

IIRC Animal Crossing also had a thing where in English it asked "What is your style?" rather than "Are you a boy or a girl?" and Anglos were freaking out about how "progressive" Nintendo was... but that was added in translation rofl, the Japanese one just asked "Are you a boy or a girl?" like always.

Super off topic but lately I'm playing a different game, Disney Twisted Wonderland, (despite being Disney it was made in Japan first), and I've also noticed they inject dumb gender stuff/remove lines from Japanese if they're too blunt for genderspecials to handle, like telling a male character "I thought you were a girl" somehow translated as "You sound feminine" etc. They also added gender neutral pronouns for a (admittedly minor, event-specific) character for literally no reason, making that event hard to read through.

I used to be really into stuff like anime and video games, but it's getting to be a bit much. Not being able to befriend people online isn't as huge a deal to me but not even being able to play an English version of a game because they now translate everything to pander to gendies is just... why

It's even stupider. Nintendo released the game with the "boy or girl" question and the wokesters threw a tantrum so they changed it to "what is your style" and had a big laugh at the West's expense because ffs who wouldn't.

The Japanese are really laughing at us right now and while there are several things in their culture to criticize from a feminist point of view I definitely don't blame them for this one.

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Lmao, if you know about Digimon, the writer for season 3, made a script criticizing western woke culture that the Japanese actors read at a con. They fought a monster literally named "Political Correctness". He said westerners use mega corporations like Twitter to stifle Japanese creativity. Guess what happened after the con?

Theyve taken over and destroyed the community of an old kids mmo kept alive by fans i liked to play. Discord server is just flooded with trans and pronoun stuff instead talk of the game. Sadly the games are run by trans-idealists I guess, so theyre now putting pronoun junk in the game itself too. Keep that shit out my nerdy unknown kids game, damn it! ;o;

Thankfully I haven’t noticed any gender crap in WoW yet. I’m still referred to as “she” when NPCs reference my character, and they still use the male and female symbols in the character creation screen.

We’ll see how that pans out in the new expansion due out later this year though.

The male peacock thing can just be cluelessness of the developers.

I mean. I have seen cartoons where a cow was treated as male despite having an udder and producing milk, and then there's the many, many movies with male worker ants and bees ...

And then there's the book with the clearly male-coded sentient kangaroo which has a pouch.

It is simply ignorance. Men cannot wrap their minds around the default, in cows or kangaroos or ants being female, and I would not be surprised if many thought "Pretty=female" with regard to peacocks. (In English it is pretty obvious pea-cock and pea-hen, but in other languages, there's one word for the species, so it is not immediately obvious which sex the pretty ones are.)

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That's also kind of what I mean lol, in the past people would just go "lol that's weird, biology doesn't work like that, but whatever" and move on because it's just silly har har and they knew cartoons =/= real life. Not dedicate a thirty page long deadly serious essay as to why Julia is a stunning and brave inclusion in video games furthering the progress for trans rights and is an LGBTQIA2S+ queer icon for Animal Crossing.

the male peacock is Pave he is gay, he runs the carnival festival events which are clearly inspired by the Rio carnival (his name in the japanese game is Berlina).

there is also Gracie the fashion designer, in english she is a fashion snob female giraffe, in japanese he's a gay fashion designer called Guresu but clearly they didnt want a gay male in the english one because stereotypes.

both have been in the games for years, but I dont think Pave was in the gamecube one think he started on wii maybe, pretty sure Gracie was in the gamecube one, I have owned all of them bar the original japanese one that only came out in japan on the N64 and wasn't released anywhere else (Animal Forrest).

so are they trying to trans away the gay again?

I have edited this I don't know if thats the word I got a complaint over

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I don't think any of the characters in AC have sexual orientations unless they're explicitly shown to be partnered with / married to a same sex character. Calling a flamboyant character "gay" just because he's a flamboyant male is doing the exact same thing as "because stereotypes". They're just colorful, quirky, GNC cartoon animal characters.

Haha! It has never occurred to me that Julia has, of course, male peacock feathers. Kind of funny that they also have Pave (npc), the very flamboyant male peacock.

Back when New Horizons came out during the first lock down, I saw several male players "discovering" that they had, in fact, been born in the wrong bodies - their only evidence being the joy and freedom they felt being able to dress their characters up as their authentic girl selves. Seriously.

I suspect Julia having male feathers was simply so players understand her as a pea-whatever. Similar to how Hollywood will put udders on a male bovine.

Yes I was going to mention the Julia thing, it comes up every year during the trans pride periods when they try to take over the Animal Crossing subreddit.

There’s also a unicorn they love, Julian I think.

I mean, there are robot frogs, bunnies that look like biscuits, and characters that appear to be inflatable toys.

they are reading wayyyyy too much into a female ostrich character getting a colorful tail. plus there's already a canon peacockin the game and Julia's tail does NOT look like his.

Yes she’s an Ostrich just like my boy Phil. They’re annoying (the TRAs not the villagers)

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Guarantee you any loon that's obsessed with transing children's cartoons, watches porn of those same characters. That includes NoA who censors any mention of biological sex.

LMAO I love it! Is this from Pocket Camp? I couldn't get in to that, but I play new horizons every day.

The american AC team seems to be full of TRAs tbh so I have no idea how this snuck through. In addition to the choose your style issue mentioned above, in new horizons on the bulletin board announcements I guess they got so lazy and instead of programming which sex pronoun to go for which character, they just use "they them" pronouns for everyone. So instead of saying "It's Muffy's birthday on [date]! Get ready to celebrate with her!" it will say "get ready to celebrate with them!"

I think I got they/them’d when it was my birthday too. Talk about assuming my pronouns 🤨

Yeah - it’s a load screen from Pocket Camp. It drives me nuts in NH when the villagers refer to the other players on my island as “they.” I had forgotten that we didn’t choose boy or girl at the beginning, so I guess that explains it?