Isn't 11 the average now? It's shocking, but when i grew up i realized a lot of the stuff young boys said to me were very much pornography inspired. And that was the 90s. I can't imagine now.

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I used to teach kids martials arts when I was younger, like teenage to young adult, and there was one session that shocked me. It was dismissal and I saw a couple boys giggling over something on their phone in a corner. Went over and it was porn. They were maybe 9-11 year olds. I was so shocked (and still inadept at dealing with situations like this) so I just shouted at them to keep their phones. This was maybe 15 or so years ago so yeah, I can only imagine it's worse now.

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With the expansion of the internet, pornography became a vast and underreported threat to children and teenagers

Reminds me of this skit: https://youtu.be/3vuCiCZHxs4?t=125

People access information pretty much instantly!

What do people use this crazy power for?

A whole lot of pornography!