My parents didn't let me watch TV or get a phone or anything like that for most of my life. I used to scorn them for it because I was constantly living under a rock but now I appreciate it more than anything. I'm 18, and some of the ideas that kids are exposed to and brainwashed into believing are normal... they're so misogynist and totally inappropriate.

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For TV I only had the few free channels. We didn't even have a computer until I was 14, and my parents bought dial up internet only until I was around 17. At 17 I built my own desktop for my bedroom mostly to play mmorpgs with friends. I thought I was deprived being poor, turns out that was likely the best possible thing for me. The first iPhone came out when I was 18/19 so that wasn't an issue. I think phones are probably the biggest thing that will be hard to tackle because kids see their friends with smart phones sharing things with each other. Not giving them a smart phone might make them a social pariah to some extent unfortunately. But I'm going to do what I can to avoid one