I have 50% custody of my kids and my ex is not onboard with this. My daughter watches tiktok videos her friends show her. What am I supposed to do, ban her from playing with all her friends? Literally NO ONE else is on board with this approach in my area.I do my best, I keep them off the internet here, I do pre-watch things and watch with them and we discuss what we are watching and I try to explain in terms they can understand why tiktok is bad and loss of digital privacy is bad, but it feels very hopeless. And then I get here and get a comment like this telling me I have no excuses. I don't know what else I am supposed to do.

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You are doing everything you can do. I don't know why you think that my comment was an accusation of failure directed at you. It certainly takes more than just one parent to do it. I'm saying society has no excuse, we, as a society, know it is harmful. "something something it takes a village..." My husband and I want to keep our kids off the internet, but my step son's (9) mother isn't internet savvy and doesn't know the danger it poses, she doesn't limit him or monitor him at all because she thinks he just plays Roblox and watches kids' videos. So what can we do? Nothing while he's with her. COVID online school didn't help. But I firmly believe we all need to work together as a group to keep kids away from the internet, and educate each other on its dangers. There are schools requiring laptops now, children keep their phones on them during class... Why?