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It's probably the testosterone and libido and whatever but why are males SO driven by sexual arousal and their dicks. We don't see droves of young girls watching male porn or seeking out dicks to look at online, do we?

(....despite my flair. Serious question.)

Men need to be forced to choose between extreme testosterone suppression and castration at the time of puberty. No one should have to live in a society with them as they are. In the US it is quite literally a violation of constitutional rights for them to be like this.

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Tbf that is kinda what is happening already with male "trans" kids lol ):

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If women are used to their own abuse and fetishizing it because of how long the generational abuse has been, the dick-centering over the centuries may have left marks in male brains

Unfortunately rates are rising because it’s so heavily normalized at this point, but they often watch softer versions of what the boys watch. So like they watch mainstream stuff or gay porn but they don’t delve into the abnormally dark shit at the same levels as guys do.

A lot of girls in my class read fanfiction , mostly gay fanfiction weirdly . I never understood the fascination with gay relationships. Mind you I’m bisexual with a heavy preference for women so maybe I just wasn’t interested in most male characters.

What does your flair mean ? I’m a bit out the loop when it comes to anime lol

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Ahh it's just japanese for "rotten woman", a "fujoshi" is someone who basically romanticizes male on male pairings, usually of the fictional anime variety lol. The wikipedia on it is fairly accurate if you want to go down that cursed rabbithole