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I disagree completely. I have the brain of a trans woman. I have always loved computers, I hate taking a shower and I never shut up about “tiddies.” No one can question it

I fill you cister, I get dysphoric without my 5o clock shadow so I paint it on my face, it really helps and gives gender euphoria everytime I see the mirror and get a glimpse of me as a transwoman. I wear shoulder pads too and shaved part of my head to resemble a transwoman baldness pattern. Right now I'm trying to be a stealth transwoman and applying for programming jobs in companies who do diversity hires.wish me luck 🤞

Are you the most oppressed ever

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Honestly, it is SO offensive of you to even ask her that! The audacity, I swear smh my head.


I will do 30 “Hail Lavery’s, full of Grace”

And say the NoPeena

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I’m not just the most oppressed I’m the most repressed, stressed, depressed I’m the best bout to make a mess feel it my chest on a quest to make these terfs impressed

You gotta say this like Mohammad Ali going into the boxing ring!!

Love this!!

You are brilliant for either making this up yourself or remembering it and putting it in the perfect spot!💕

Same! I looove hentai, thigh high socks, being obnoxious and playing video games

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I laugh at some dick jokes. Am I a man? But I'm fine with my female body. But I also don't giggle hysterically in bed while groping myself and I never get gender euphoria from my periods. But I wear girl clothes and boy clothes sometimes. Am I a non-binary AFAB transwoman maybe? Gosh, so confusing!

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I just have to say this thread is absolutely hilarious and one of the many reasons I am on Ovarit. You gyns made my day!!!! Haha

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I am so incredibly sorry that I ever though the term AFAB was in anyway usefull or accurate. When we used it, it was used for gender, not sex. It has now been completely warped and impplies that doctors create the sex of a child at birth.

Also this "sex is a social construct" is such a reversal and a perversion of radical feminist theory. You'd think they do it on purpose.

When this is brought up to them they’re so disingenuous and they say, “she totally can be!”

I think what should be asked in return is 'then what is a transwoman?'. I wonder if they'd struggle to answer this as much as they do 'what is a woman?'.

Yes. They have no original thought. They just say what they’re instructed to say

TwittIdiots now have a bot they can summon of someone asks

Real thinkers, this group

A woman arguing that we are an inferior subset of our own sex class. SMH.