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yOu DoNt KnOw MaYbE sHe WaNtEd To DiE bIgOtS

This took far too long to type.

It's sickening how often men get away with murdering women.

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In a related situation, somebody here posted a podcast about clusters of women “falling” from great heights, a man (known to the victim) being present during said fall, and him being absolved of it by the UK criminal justice system because he claimed she jumped / was depressed / was crazy / was drunk or on drugs, in spite of evidence that the relationship was abusive.

Whether or not it is consensual shouldn’t have any bearing on the judgement - someone is dead, someone should be charged for it. There’s no way to prove it was consensual so it should just be proven that it happened. All these men getting off so easily is just normalising “rough sex” even more and making women feel pressured to do it.

if in a different "sex game gone wrong" he holds a gun to her head and it misfires, do we let him walk too?

Obviously it's because the men that do get killed identify as a nebulous third gender /s

There is this case where both were high on meth while having sex and the woman strangled the man to death with a chain and then decapitated him.

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Yes, except she is actually being charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. Not just manslaughter with a “rough sex” defense.

It's similar to when Aileen Wuornos was sentenced to death and only sat 12 years on death row for murdering 7 men whereas Ted Bundy sat 11 years for sexually assaulting and murdering at least 20 women. Lawrence Bittaker (Sexual Saddist murderer) had died of natural causes nearly 40 years after being sentenced to death.

Wuornos was given the title of "America's first woman serial killer" by news outlets and she had to be made an example of so women who claimed self defense from ravenous men could be silenced. Whether or not Wuornos did do it out of self defense, the message was clear to women.

That poor woman never had a chance. Her life was a horror movie.