The only time I’m not pissed at being referred to as a “cis” woman. This is malicious compliance and it is glorious!

They just posted this to their page:

With all the hate and accusations we have been getting lately for our new inclusivity policy, I just want to start off by saying we are NOT transphobic. We recognize that sex and gender identity are different, and we recognize the importances of both. It is inclusive to recognize both. If we only recognized one and not the other, by definition that would be exclusive, not inclusive. We have pre-op transwoman employees and detransitioner employees. Of course, we only hire pre-op transwomen because everyone knows what a neovagina smells like and how strong the odor is. We have to be considerate of our other employees and most importantly our customers. As this is a restaurant, people are eating. Some of you might say this in itself is exclusive, but due to health and sanitary regulations we have no choice. None of this is bothering anyone but a certain few online who have never stepped foot in our restaurant, most of them living in entirely different countries.

someone said

Maybe use OMAB or OFAB, just to be inclusive, assigned seems very authoritarian ya know?

and their reply omfg based 😂

Lauren Q-y we will certainly take that into consideration! Observed is more accurate, after all.

AFAB/AMAB are just more commonly known at this point, but we can absolutely make efforts into transitioning to OFAB and OMAB. In fact, we are already 41% closer to being able to do so!

41% closer to being able to do so


I don't get it

“41%” is a meme referencing the oft-cited statistic of the trans suicide rate. It’s common in places like kiwi farms where they’ll say “join the 41%” as a euphemism for suicide.

Mean-spirited perhaps, but I thought it was a clever reference.

I've only ever seen GCs use omab/ofab (TRAs dont give a shit if they're appropriating from the intersex community), I'd bet 10 bucks original asker is already peaked and taking her opportunity to call the trans mob authoritarian XD

What do the "observed" acronyms mean? Sounds like a way for TRAs to totally subvert the meaning, but thankfully, at least according to Google, it doesn't seem to be gaining much currency.

It’s a more accurate way to describe how sex is determined. It’s observed, not assigned.

The person suggesting it was being facetious.

"Observed" language is more from the gender critical side. Trans people stole the use of afab/amab from intersex people, (where those terms could actually make sense) since some male people were falsely believed to be, and thus "assigned," female when they weren't and vice versa.

"Assigned" makes it sound like the doctor flips a coin and randomly chooses your sex based on that. Which isnt the case of course. The doc observes the child's genitals and records what sex they are based on their biology. And also your sex is determined at conception, with some intersex folks following a different developmental pathway than their genes dictate. (Massively simplifying that because i dont understand it all myself)

To add on: the "assigned" terminology comes from the disorders of sexual development (DSD) community. Formerly known as intersex. Because for them, they have a disability/birth defect and sex is literally assigned to them that may not match reality. It's a subjective judgment call when they are born, unlike for 99.99% of infants where sex is just observed based on the presence of a penis or a vulva.

This is why the DSD keeps begging the trans community to butt out and quit stealing their terms and using them to justify their crazy belief system. Trans is completely different from DSDs, which are actual diagnosable medical conditions.

Unfortunately this isn't real. The restaurant does not exist. Its a troll page. A clever one, but a troll nonetheless.

This is great but who would have thought that in 2022 a business saying it had separate loos for men and women would be such an event!

Oh cool, they are female-owned apparently. Certainly explains why they are so based!

Compromise is compromise, right? Words of performative acknowledgment trump material reality, right? 😘

Hahaha 🤣

June 25th, they begged to go viral again because last time it boosted their sales 4000%!!! 😂😂😂

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