Most people don't have any clue how sexuality works, including women on here.

Maybe that's how we got in this mess. The internet gives too many dumbasses a platform.

Before social media, it was just my family and bi girlfriends trying to tell me I'm bi because X, sexuality is "fluid," everyone likes dick! Now the idea has spread and it's everywhere like a fucking plague.

How do people not understand how fucked up it is?

Straight women kiss for drinks at the club and everyone recognizes that they're still straight.

Gay men marry straight women to hide and fuck these women for years, even have kids, and everyone recognizes that they're still gay.

Gay woman feels societal/familial pressure to fuck a dude, and she's forever bi. Because it's only lesbianism that can never be valid unless the woman never, ever slept with a man for any reason ever.

Even if she hated it. Even if it left her traumatized. Even if she's mad at the world for twisting her arm. Even if she finds men, and always has found men, repulsive -- no, she's still l bi.

"I don't understand why you acted contrary to your true feelings because I was lucky enough not to go through the same shit so I'm just going to keep telling you that you're bi because I'm a fucking asshole."

Because I guess everyone except lesbians can do stupid things or do self-harming things or do things that go against what they really want.

Yes, I have not put the axe down. In fact, I woke up mad. /rant

Oh no, that reminds me of the TIF and non brainery girls on tumblr and TikTok who (obviously) look like women and then mock guys who want to fuck them because haha that makes them gay, you get it?? So funny!! Meanwhile these guys get free anal and the girls think they're the ones winning and being "validated". Ooooh honey....

What I have found is that autism is very often the actual cause. Humans without autism never divide love into "romantic" and "sexual", because such an idea never existed in real science.

I think it's more likely to be that things such as social media and porn have distorted people's ideas on what love is like. Teens that aren't autistic are out here thinking not wanting to have one night stands means they're demisexual because they see so much porny crap in media they think they're abnormal.

I can't say I ever completely bought into the split attraction model, even as an autie myself. It simply doesn't make sense because most people don't want a sexless relationship with a romantic partner. The peeps with autism who do believe this are easily impressionable (which isn't uncommon among autistic kids tbh), but I don't think the belief itself is inherent to autism. People put this dumb shit in their head and they don't think critically about it, or about how society typically handles romantic and platonic relationships.

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I'm not sure what this has to do with this meme. But, non-autistic people do have non-sexual love. We love our close friends. We don't call it "romantic" though or pretend that having a best friend or roommate is the same as having a significant other. Some couples have dead bedrooms. I think autistic people just misunderstand what those relationships mean.

That's not according to Gender Theory though... They would argue that the man would not be attracted to the TIF in the first place if he's straight. And that if he was attracted to her that he's bi.