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Beautiful. Edit: Makes me think of that viral Youtube video by an ex-CIA disguise expert (might be getting the work title wrong) who said it was easy enough to make a woman pass as a man but a man as a women is pretty much impossible.

“CIA disguise expert” made me think of Colonel Flagg, the CIA nutter in MAS*H, and the time he came in wearing some uniform (he was purporting to be disguised as “Ling Chow, Chinese double agent”) and Col. Potter asked why he was dressed as an Italian waiter.

He was still more convincing and less stupid than TIMs!

It's a classic photo for sure. When they make a book about this crazy trans devolution, this could be one of the book cover photos.

The expression of “had just about enough of whitey’s sh*t” on the women’s faces is priceless. We feel you, sisters.

The two of them on the left, incredible.

Looks like there is another person behind that drag queen ......

Reminds me of that Nash Bridges episode where Evan and Rick Bettina were in a trans beauty pageant. They looked about like that.

Why can I not stop laughing at this picture? I keep closing out the tab, coming back to it, and cracking up all over again.

Those women's faces are amazing! 🤣

I wonder how many bets that poor officer lost to get stuck with that assignment

Those women's faces are amazing! 🤣

Would love to have a thought-bubble caption contest.

Mine is, "This is why they invented the word fool."

Would love to have a thought-bubble caption contest.

Mine is, "This is why they invented the word fool."

Since the photo is from the 60s, here's mine:

"Well Gladys, at least he can't come into OUR bathroom!"

I assumed that he wanted the assignment because he has AGP. They could’ve easily used a female officer instead. I bet the dude begged for this.

It seems like the US government just abolished ethnic separation in 1969 ...... Was that when female police officers were already usual?

Reminds me of that Discworld novel where Nobby Nobbs from the Night Watch would volunteer to dress as woman (to serve as bait, if I remember correctly), even though Angua actually IS a woman and would be much more convincing ... I wonder if Nobby is meant to be AGP. (It is mentioned that the laws of storytelling would usually dictate that a man who dresses as woman is suddenly hot and all men want him ... but that this law of Discworld nature, upon encountering Nobby Nobbs, had to admit defeat.)

Nobby dressed as a woman a couple of times, didn’t he? I remember when he and Fred Colon were with Lord Vetinari on his secret peace mission in Jingo and he was so popular with the women in the town (which makes me roll my eyes these days) but I’ve forgotten which book had the one you described.

There's a novelty song about this sting in which a man confesses to falling in love with Officer Murphy and his "tangerine stretch pants," but I can't find it, and it's driving me crazy. :-(

Only a man would mistake a man for a woman.

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Only a man would mistake a man for a woman

I spit my coffee. so funny and so true.

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Well if he's infiltrating a transvestite meeting I'd think it was quite stylish and effective. Is that a tiara?

I think it’s a crocheted or bobbly sort of fabric hat, but I wouldn’t put it past a man even in 1969 to wear a tiara with day clothes.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

The ladies in the picture are all us here. I would love to know what they think of this nonsense in 2022.

If not for that frilly tiara thing, I wouldn't even have noticed that he is supposed to be pretending to be a woman. He's not an ugly dude, but he certainly looks ... dudely.