If one out of every four men in college reported getting their dicks bit on really REALLY hard at some point in their life, they still couldn’t imagine how we feel

But it would be a start.

“She has tons of guy friends, I thought she couldn’t be a dick biter”

“She seemed so nice, and then suddenly everything changed”

“Nobody believes me because she is on the soccer team and volunteers at a local homeless shelter”

“I know I shouldn’t have taken her back to my room if I didn’t want this to happen”.

“I didn’t think my outfit looked nibbly or chompy. I was just wearing what I normally wear”

This was fun to make. I think I’ll make a post

I hooked up with a guy who ASKED me to do that. So I did and he was happy. Then he returned the favor. I was not happy.

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You Won't BELIEVE This One Simple Trick! Make Your Man NUT INSTANTLY

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The Most Sensitive Part Of A Man's Penis?

The Base!

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nope. Witness the punishment gap between women who kill their abusers and claim self defense, vs. men who claim kink sex and "consensual" and get away with murder.

Patriarchy means men make the rules. Surely they are not going to countenance surprise death during sex unless they are the perpetrators, not the victims.

This. A hell of a lot of men out there will identify with a man he hates over even the women he professes to love.

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Not to get preachy but this is why I hate the “physical advantage” argument.

Then some men would be into it.

You can’t out-debauch male sexuality as a woman or beat them at their own game. Only another man can victimize an unwilling man in this way.

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It's half the reason why homophobia is so prevalent amongst them - they're only scared of another man doing to them what they've done to women.

Sometimes I wish aliens would come down and actually do anal probes, but only on the males. And no one can figure our how or why the aliens keep targeting ONLY males even though they've sent out sacrifical women to the slaughter, taken hormones, gotten castrated, put on a dress, etc. Nope, just men. And all of them are just scared shitless because they finally understand what it's like while women have no fear at all because they can't relate and it doesn't affect them.

That's my fap (/s) fantasy and I'm sticking to it lmfao

In the older versions of The Sims, only men would be able to get pregnant from alien abduction ... though it was never really spelled out whether or not that was consensual.

Wait, women can get pollinated in ts4? I thought it was still male sims only

Wishing sexual assault on someone, even by “aliens,” as a “fantasy,” is still highly inappropriate.

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But fantasizing about shooting him to death in a bed is okay

The topic here is literally "what if women had violent kinks"

Just make sure you have kinks that harm men's health. Then even if they get off, hopefully they will suffer a bit or won't last too long. Or say you have a kink for ball kicking and sterilize them.

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There actually is a kink for dick/ball kicking/crushing. They're brutal. It's like the Rule 34 of women trying to fight back - anything we do to defend ourselves men will find a way to make it a fetish thing

If they get their balls too injured they might have to cut them off and lose their libido. Win-win. And at least these men are the minority, most men will be scared of it.

Oh they'd punish the women first though. They do absolutely everything to deter us fighting back. If a woman did to a man, the same things he does to women in the name of kink, she'd be in jail.

Exactly, this is why it’s the wrong tactic to say, if a bf is pestering you for anal, “uh, how about you first, then maybe” thinking he’d never agree. Then he jumps at the opportunity and she’s in a tough spot.

Best to have an iron clad NO and dump.

What if women started developing violent fantasies and felt entitled to act on them during sex with men, without warning and without consent? Would our violent kinks be defended by other men and liberal feminists, just like male sexual violence towards women is defended?

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Women just go crazy sometimes when we’re horny, and she apologized and promised she won’t do it again soon. 2 years probation and therapy. Case dismissed. 👩🏾‍⚖️

defended by men- probably not. defended by liberal feminists- also probably not.

Ever since I know how violent some men get in bed, I have toyed with the idea of spontaneously developing a bondage kink. One for handcuffing the man to the bed before sex. Seems safer that way.

Well, he should have cOmMuNiCaTeD beforehand that such an event would not be his kink.

MRAs would riot and use it as proof of… idk, “the vicious treacherous nature of women” or something. Perhaps they’d go on a kink-shaming crusade. Or perhaps they’d become even more hateful and violent

In my experience? They would probably like it.

I’ve noticed men like anything a woman is sexually interested in and they want to hear about it.