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I cant count how many times I've been called transphobic for associating my womanhood to my sex. How many times I've received death threats, insults, people telling me they will tell my management and the brands i collaborate with, that i am transphobic just so i could loose everything I've build. Refusing to call myself "uterus holder" "bleeding person", "vagina owner" made me receive hate. Saying that lesbian have the right to refuse to "suck a dick" made me receive hate. Speaking about abortion or period as women issue made me receive hate. Saying that sex is the base of most women oppression made me received hate. Refusing to put my pronouns in my bio made me receive hate. I don't relate to the concept of gender but What is funny is that Every time i tried to ask genuine question to understand certain things about it, they told me "asking this question is transphobic". You have to agree with absolutely everything without questioning a damn thing to not loose your job and reputation. And i am very tired of it. Tired of the hypocrisy, the evilness, the silencing. I come from a place where baby girls are mutilated because of the way their bodies are. Where period stigma is pretty severe. Where little girls of 9 are married by force because they are girls. Where being born with a vagina can be the reason why you will not have the chance to go to school. For this, I will never ignore the importance of my sex in my woman experience. And if you think i am hateful because of that, you should revaluate your definition of hate. Saying sex has no importance is a form of hate against many women who are killed, mutilated, assaulted. If i say i am non binary or a man but i keep my body, social media will ban me if i post a topless picture. Doing like the biology i have means nothing is delusional and is mysoginy. Trans people deserve to exist. They deserve to be heard but i also deserve the same thing. Honest critical conversation deserve to happen so solution will be find for everyone to feel good and safe. someone validation should never mean that i have to compromise myself. Inclusion who ignores personal boundaries, real life traumas is as toxic as Exclusion.


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Saying sex has no importance is a form of hate against many women who are killed, mutilated, assaulted.

She's spot on. I've long been a fan of Laetitia's hairstyling artwork but I'm happy to see she is also a wise and outspoken lady. Looks like it's time to re-share her art on Facebook

' She's not only a uterus-owner, she's a Black uterus-owner... with a unique mind and fame to boot. Oh sin of sins! Such audacity to resist the ladydique! She must be put back in her place! '

I'll say it again, these people not only hate women, but they are also racist to the core.

I love this. Part of me peaking was the TRAs have rules for thee not for me.

We aren't allowed to question trans identity. We can't ask for concrete criteria for trans-ness. We can't scrutinize trans experiences because we'll never understand.

But TRAs will demand women censor themselves when describing their own experiences. Her womanhood is based on her femaleness.

Female-hood is the lense through which she views womanhood as do most people. However, TRAs will argue her down; when identity is supposed to be sacrosanct and unquestionable.

Isn’t it crazy how TRAs are the ones who made us all start referring to ourselves as ‘cis’ in the first place, i.e. someone whose gender and sex are aligned, but then they want to cry transphobia when a ‘cis’ woman says that her gender is informed by/ aligned with her female sex? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE (Spoiler alert: they can’t because gender isn’t real and they’re full of shit)

She sounds like she posts here. I'm glad she continues to stand up for these beliefs--she has a pretty big platform.

Is this the woman who does the beautiful hair art? (calling what she does “hairstyles” doesn’t feel like an adequate description)
I don’t have Instagram or anything so might be wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️