Yep. This has probably happened a million times in different places already, but on tumblr the post was some trendy "witchy" thing like: Who wants to walk out into the woods and dance naked under the moon, girls only. And of course the pervy tims and TRAs hounded her so hard asking if transgirls were included, and so she edited her post to include trans girls, only to then receive the predictable gaslighting treatment, mansplaining to her that she was transphobic for not automatically implying that transgirls are girls or some garbage. She was so distraught. It's only a matter of time before women see this crap enough and end up peaking.

Ah thanks, I didn't know what specific post she was referring to because there have sadly been so many.

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We are living in a world where words have no meaning. "Woman" means absolutely nothing now.

The other day I stumbled across a thread where they were arguing about a poem is. There were people legit arguing that a poem can just be a sentence. . . No. A sentence is a sentence. Not a poem. What happened to rhythm and rhyme and iambic pentameter? Creativity? Meaning? Nowadays, a "poem" is just making an obvious statement like "true friends stick by you" and then posting it online in Special Elite. ARGH.

These were obviously people who indulge in Instagram "poetry" but holy shit. It's like words have no meaning anymore. As someone with a degree in English Lit (so literally in words and their meanings) this is crushing my soul.

It made me realize that it's not just the word "woman." It's "lesbian." It's "black." It's everything. Words just mean whatever teenagers online and/or idiot men want them to mean. How did it get like this? Social media? The internet? Are people just this fucking stupid nowadays? I am sincerely confused. These are not rhetorical questions.

If only the word Woman actually meant nothing. Instead it still means all the same things it ever did, all the negative and terrible things it ever did, but now it also means women can't use the word for themselves. However, any positive attributes of the word Woman must now include men,or centre men

I think people were always this stupid but now they have a platform to amplify it and spread their nonsense to their fellow stupids.

I think that those who do it (for example TIMs), do it as a way to explain away all their difficulties. It's so much easier to proclaim "I belong to this oppressed group. My association with this group prevents me from making any changes in my life. It's because I am a member of this group that I am unable to do what I truly want in life." And then they center their whole lives around this identity of being an oppressed member of a dark society, a chained rebel, an imprisoned and stunted revolutionary who could do anything, only if they were not part of this group. All you have to do is identify as a member of this group, and it means you're very special, but at the same time everything is rigged against you, so there's no point in taking responsibility for anything. Just blame your association to this group and the imagined social persecution of the group, and you will be hailed as a noble revolutionary who was "gunned down" by imperial forces.

This is not to say that there is no sexism, racism, and so forth. It is about the question of people deliberately trying to identify into groups who truly suffer from persecution. And if they can't (for example men "identifying" as women), then they have to make up a reason for why they're somehow persecuted. So they say that they suffer from "transmisogyny", because they don't experience actual misogyny.

we need collectively, as a society, to stop giving air to people who seem to get all meaning in life out of dunking on others.

if you didn't make/write/create it, and it's not defaming you, and the creator hasn't explicitly asked for feedback - feel free to voice your opinion, but you have no right to demand changes.

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Does anyone remember that post where a woman was like “i love women" or something equally innocent and people kept going DOES THIS INCLUDE TRANSWOMEN??? DOES IT??? so she edited the original post to say“I love women (this includes transwomen)" and someone sent her an ask like “it's really fucked up that you said it includes transwomen because if you really believed we were women then you wouldn't have to clarify” and she was like BUT- PEOPLE KEPT ASKING???? and she seemed so confused at the time, but, babe- these are misogynistic men who think wearing a skirt makes them entitled to claim we’re oppressing them. They just don't want you to talk lmao.