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As far as I know, the bible didn’t say anything about abortions. It also didn’t say anything about female homosexuality.

It didn't. Saint Aquanis, didn't care about abortions, and he wasn't exactly woman friendly. The Catholic Church didn't have a no abortions policy for centuries....until the Napoleonic war. Pope Pious changed the regulations on abortion.

"Napoleon III was gravely concerned that the birth rate had been dropping and that France would face a serious depletion of soldiers for its wars and colonizations. Pius IX, for his part, had long yearned to pass a doctrine of papal infallibility—but had faced opposition from within the church as well as from external kings, czars, and the like. But Napoleon was an emperor.

So the two struck a deal.

In return for Napoleon’s powerful support for papal infallibility, Pius would change the Church’s regulation of abortion—which at that time forbade the procedure only after quickening, at about three months. But Pius, a shrewd bargainer, played hard to get. So Napoleon threw in a further inducement—that all teaching positions in French schools would thereafter be filled by the Church.


Napoléon would get his huge crop of babies to grow into cannon fodder, because the Vatican would outlaw all abortion. In return, Pious and all popes after him would get their infallibility plus Roman Catholic control of French children’s minds (and those of kids in colonies around the world) for generations to come. Women’s deaths, by now in the millions because of this bargain, would pay the price. But hey, the art of the deal."

---- Robon Morgan

Very interesting. It’s making me wonder if there’s a similar purpose behind this – if not more soldiers, then low paid workers, people to cover pensions and medical insurance, and slow women’s career growth/trap them in more marriages to keep men happy.

As far as I know, no religion (their actual holy books) says anything about female homosexuality. They do say something against men having sex with children, and in general, men being sexually degenerate and need to not do that.

There's a passage in Leviticus about what to do with a woman who has been caught committing adultery. It basically describes making a fairly poisonous concoction that she's forced to drink. A lot of people think it was actually to induce an abortion.

I think the didache is the earliest Christian text that references abortion

There is a verse condemning lesbianism in Romans. "Even the women gave up their natural lusts" or something like that.

But yeah. I doubt the Bible condemns abortion. The main argument seems to be that "abortions = murder" which involves stretching the definition of that commandment.