they don't care they revel in it, it proves if they don't get affirmation they will die. (and it will all be your fault for being a meany boo hoo)


Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing this article I hadn’t seen it yet. I didn’t know there were other examples with the cutting scars 😳😳😳

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https://pride.amsterdam/en/theme/ linked from within the article linked above,

Cisgender Cisgender is the term for people who are comfortable with the gender they were given at birth. It is the opposite of transgender. Most people are cisgender. Cis comes from Latin and means ‘on this side’. Trans stands for ‘on the other side’.

A cis woman is therefore a woman who was born with the sex characteristics of women and who also feels feminine. femininity means woman?

A cisman is a man who was born to be a man and who feels comfortable with it. would they not feel masceline by your rules?

These definitions make me want to pull my hair out. If by gender they mean stereotypes I doubt any woman is comfortable with her gender. Who wants to be subjected to a lifetime of sexism, being viewed as a sex object, and socially conditioned to be a house elf for men? Are these people really so narcissistic to think the rest of the women are ok with this?