I’m going to quote something that I’ve said before:

It’s really interesting that, normally, the highest ethical principle among cosmetic surgeons is that they are not to operate on patients with unrealistic expectations, but the same doesn’t apply to cosmetic surgeons that operate on trans people. Normally, they’re meant to drill it into your head that any result will most likely be very subtle, and if you are expecting to be perceived drastically different afterwards, then you are a bad candidate for surgery and need therapy instead. But somehow it’s ethically okay to operate on TIPs who believe that surgery will transform them into the opposite sex, and cause other people to view and treat them as such.

I still think about this a lot because there’s really no expectation more unrealistic than ‘I will become a member of the opposite sex’, or even ‘I will effectively change sexes’. By plastic surgeons’ own ethical standards, this should be bonkers.

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The urge to self harm will magically go away once the True Authentic Self is affirmed.

It's very similar how to when someone with an eating disorder loses weight, all of their underlying issues resolve.


Every time I stumble upon one of those aftermath pictures, my disgust is immeasurable. Especially seeing as my daughter has been in danger of falling victim to this.

I can't even look at this photo for long without feeling in physical pain. To have been the active purveyor of this girl and so many others' future nightmares is more than unconscionable, it requires a level of callousness for human life that should see one behind bars and divested of the power to affect any other human being's life forever.

Not only are they butchering them, they are making a monstrosity of whatever they’ll move on to next.. do the people doing these surgeries ever performed a mastectomy before?? Cause what’s up with the cut?

When I was way too young to be reading thrillers, I read some book by Dean Koontz, I think? and it mentioned cutting off breasts. Mine came very early (and never grew past an A size), and the concept terrified me to the core for some reason. I used to have these flashes of fear before my eyes imagining it. This picture brings those feelings back

She removed her nipples? or do they attach them in a different surgery?

It always makes me sad to see girls with mastectomies that obviously have an eating disorder or self harm scars.

Some TIF's have them removed and opt for tattooing or just leaving nothing there. When the nipples are reattached, the surgeon takes one on the original nipples and splits it in half and reattaches them, they are much smaller. And have usually zero sensation.

I did not know that. Always thought I just threw up in my mouth was a metaphor until just now.

I learned from a TIF friend that she opted not to have nipples because the surgeon would’ve charged a few extra thousand dollars to reattach them. It was considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance.

I learned from a TIF friend that she opted not to have nipples because the surgeon would’ve charged a few extra thousand dollars to reattach them. It was considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance.

Maybe she should have cried "DYSPHORIA" and threatened suicide if she didn't get to keep her nipples

American health care is so fucked

The financial-medical framework in this is medical abuse.

It’s also baffling to me how trans people don’t see that the mammoth medical research machine that’s “affirming” them is just seeing the graph of revenue correlated with trans “care” go up and up.

But... It is already cosmetic if you do it for any reason but cancer 🤔

I haven't had a mastectomy, but I've had a breast reduction with removing my nipples to he sized down accordingly; it was done in the same surgery.

Maybe they're opting to have cosmetic tattooing to recreate more male nipples?

It seems to be more and more common for girls to also have their nipples removed.

Having your nipples put back on as part of "top surgery" will cost you extra. That's how fucked-up all this is.

This is horrific. Like a gruesome horror movie that's trying too hard to be as gory as possible. But it's real life and that's a real person. How do people not see how fucked up this is? I just feel so helpless about it all.

This is one of the yeet the teet ladies patients, isn't she?

I hope that awful woman gets sued into oblivion and then put in prison for a very long time.

Yep. This is Stepford Gallagher's handiwork

Photos like this prove that there are zero ethical standards in "trans medicine". This girl still has a very obviously female body. Which means her "dysphoria" will keep flaring up and she'll keep cutting herself (or worse). Because she's been told that she can magically become a man and that it will solve all her problems.

Its abhorrent that a cutter was treated with....more cutting.

The actual photos of post surgery outcomes like that always just make me stop and shiver a little inside and I think - this is child abuse.

This is so, so, SO wrong.

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