Love that this focuses on the role of TiMs in erasing women's language. It's not about making TiFs feel visible and included. If it were, no one would give a shit. It's about mentally decoupling the female body from womanhood so that men can treat it like a set of products and services to be consumed.

My brain started reading this in the cadence of Ewan McGreggor's "Choose Life" speech in Trainspotting

Was just looking through the Preddit Gender Critical Archives and remembered this absolute gem from just 3 days before GC was banned

They’d just like to pee on your feet and have you tell them it’s raining.

Pretend you can’t tell who’s male or female without a chromosome test

This works on two levels…

Was the Klinefelter's thing done before the Trans Revolution?

What do you mean? Using every possible disorder of sexual development to prove that sex isn't binary?

I mean, there are "male brains" and "female brains" but not in the way that TiPs think. They exist in the same way male and female ribcages exist. They aren't divorced from the biological matter that makes up the human body.