He missed out women inventing horticulture / farming.

I'm convinced it was women who started farming: traditionally women primarily undertake gathering - finding roots & tubers, gathering seed & grain, etc. So women will have primarily been the ones digging up roots & tubers - and by trial and error discovering how to increase the yeild from the wild foods they were gathering.

Firstly they'll learnt that you need to leave some tubers in the ground to ensure there will be food next season. They'll have gradually learnt that clearing a patch of ground, losening the soil, and replanting small tubers instead of harvesting them would increase the yeild when they returned to harvest again in the next year / season. They would have been doing plant husbandry as they gathered - and from this, horticulture / farming would be born.

Absolutely women did this (and textiles -such as carrying baskets, storage vessels & clothing) and traded the excess with other families, thus creating markets.

I'm convinced that tanning, and eventually textiles we're invented by women to carry babies and toddlers. I've got five kids and man you can't do shit with a baby around unless you wear them. It would have been a top priority for ancient women, to keep their babies close and safe while having their hands free

There's a book, women's work the first 20,000 years, that you might like.

I don't remember it making claims about the invention of agriculture, but it's quite clear that early agriculture (before the plow) was traditionally women's work.

Oooh that sounds interesting. Just added it to my reading list. Thank you!

So yeah this is getting converted into a cross stitch pattern, then it's getting cross stitched, then it's being gifted to my sweet little niece

I am so excited, been looking for a radfem pattern to make for her

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I am under the impression that a lot of the cave painting is now thought to be done by women. Size of hands and such.

I have a theory that cave paiting was related to female rites, the land/'mother earth & birth. The paintings depict the animals the people wanted the land to birth. So the women would go into the caves (the vagina/womb of the earth) to sow the seeds of the animals they wanted the land to gestate and then give birth to, which they could then hunt. Basically, it was like a spiritual version of trying to get 'mother earth' pregnant with the prey animals.

I read once where they figured that cave-painting women knew the shape of the animals because after the hunt it was their job to drag these mammoth carcasses back to camp.

You read that right. Those individuals with less upper-body strength were the ones charged with what could easily be the most back-breaking work of all. Women also traditionally plowed the fields, gathered firewood, hauled water, tended camp, cooked, cleaned, cared for the young, the old, the ill, and did all this while gestating, lactating, and/or carrying infants and toddlers on their backs.

The men did the tracking and killing of prey - which could be onerous, but nothing compared with what the women had to do. The men also ate first and were served the best cuts of meat.

Anthropologists called these societies "classless."

They might have been served the best cuts of meat but I’d have 100% spat on it first

Was this all hunter-gatherer societies? Or which particular areas do these findings relate to? I recommend everyone reads the findings of Marija Gimbutas and her study of “Old Europe” which was pre-Indo European and matrilineal and matrifocal, who worshipped Goddess in countless forms but with a common language shared across an entire continent.

This is now human history canon for me. I love this idea. I love everything about it. You got a great brain in your head, sis

Eta: want to paint this

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This is now human history canon for me.

Excellent! Spread the word!

You got a great brain in your head, sis

Aw thanks. Although once I realised this is probably what they were doing, I also realised it was so bloody obvious that I felt like a bit of a dim-wit for not realising it sooner.

In my opinion I don't trust any any paper that tries to guess the sex of cave paintings. For example the one that said most cave painting were women mostly all the caved artist used women hands that had manicured nails.

You mean they tried to recreate it with modern women painting on cave walls and all those women had like long manicured nails? Dang, that's dumb.

Here is an example of what I was trying to say. I just do not believe guessing the sex of artist from hand prints is accurate enough because of how we define if a finger is masculine or feminine can easily be rebutted.

These three images some more info about it.


Just to be clear I have no idea who this artist is so if he’s a knob I wasn’t aware, I just saw this on Instagram radfem pages and loved it

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I haven't ever seen him make anything truly offensive, i feel like wil mcphail is one of the only new yorker cartoonists I can actually stand hahahha

The book The Great Cosmic Mother changed my whole relationship to being a woman by speaking of a long ago human past where women did, invented and discovered nearly all the important things, like this piece of art points to.

The authors might make a few leaps and fill in the unknown with guesses, but so have male historians and archeologists since forever.

in any case it’s a brilliant work.