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I feel a bit of hope every time I see younger women, especially teenagers, fight back against this shit. But it's also a bit sad that 15 year old girls have to know about this at all, and I mean that as in why are men this fucked up to begin with that we need to be on guard against this in the first place. They're like the Rule 34 of misogyny.

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I asked my 15 year old granddaughter about how she felt about asking a man for help during her period. She just curled up her lip and said "Gross" then quietly whispered to me "You don't know this grandma, but some men get off on it"


As a teenager I used to get so upset about how protective my mom and grandma were towards me. But boy howdy do I understand it now!

There are young girls out there who think for themselves, and it warms the heart, but yes, it sucks that they have to deal with all of that in the first place.

I wish I could like this more than once.

I had the same from my mother and grandmother. Now I understand how right they were.

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I think it is a very common experience for girls. I know I felt the same also.