And they're never content to just "be" women. It's not enough to adopt a female name and wear dresses. They want to be the best woman, the most woman. They want to win the best actress award, literally "write the book" on what it means to be a woman, and lead feminist organizations. They want to possess and control the very idea of what it means to be female.

yup, this 100%. they have to be the most oppressed, they're in the most danger, but they're also the most desired, 'cis men' actually are secretly attracted to them the most, 'cis women' are actually secretly copying them etc.

Also terfs are secretly lusting after them and women are just afraid they'll steal their boyfriends.

Because misogyny is so normalized that people think anyone can become a woman.

So many people believe being a woman is nothing but a bunch of stereotypes so of course a man can do these stereotypes and become a “woman”

Because misogyny is so normalized that people think anyone can become a woman.

Also, they think being a woman is so shitty that no man would EVER choose to LARP as one full time

Sorry to be the devil's advocate here, but it's also done to men. The reason why women are more of the victims of this bullshit is because men do not care about the rights of women being erased and a large population of women also do not care about their own rights as well and they coddle and encourage the mentally deranged men cosplaying as women.

It's less of a problem with males because they stay on code and dismiss any attempt to lose their privileged position to transgender nonsense.

What's "done to men" by women pretending to be them is incomparable to what is done to women by men pretending to be them.

If poor people identify as rich, it doesn't affect rich people. It's just sad, the poor person is still poor and the rich person's life isn't impacted really by a poor person pretending to be rich. If a rich person pretends to be poor, and takes their benefits and crowds their shelters and takes away their opportunities, it affects them negatively. They benefit from privilege and money while also pretending to be that which they are not. Imagine they dressed in 'poor chic' and fetishised their living conditions and situation and experiences. It's offensive, insulting, entitled, punching down, and inhumane.

"It's less of a problem with males" because it doesn't affect them in the same way. Women pretending to be men are just like irritating flies men can swat away. Whereas men pretending to be women pose an actual physical and sexual threat to our rights and spaces and sports and safety and protections and dignity and privacy and awards and opportunities. It's incomparable.

Whenever oppressed people try to pass as their oppressors, they are heavily punished for it when found out. A poor person identifying as rich and duping a hotel, bank, or other business into giving them credit even though they won't ever be able to pay, will not be cheered on when it is found out they're trans-rich.

A family trying to pass their son of as daughter so she can inherit the family estate in the UK would, no doubt, be punished most severely - there is a reason the peers got this exception baked into the trans law. The one benefit women could get from the whole transnonsense ... has been declared naught and nothing. No biological female will ever inherit estates designed to be passed down the male line.

Et cetera. If TIFs aren't punished for raping gay men, then that's only because the men in power don't care about gays. Though I bet if TIMs raped hetero men, they would be punished. (If not immediately by the man beating them up, then a court would rule against them.)

Absolutely. It’s not apples and oranges, it’s apples and pizzas, haha.

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It also harms men in almost zero ways for a woman to skinwalk them. Men don't care. They know we are women. Unless they're a gay that found out they got stealthed into heterosexual sex with a TIF.