This is what I feel like many people are missing in the sport debate. It shouldn't matter wether trans women are stronger than women or not, because women deserve to have their own clubs and activities either way. We shouldn’t have to justify it.

Women are not failed men, and failed men don’t belong in women’s spaces.

I was trying to explain this to Nigel. Women’s sports are not a lesser version of men’s sports. They are the best version of women’s sports. They often have different rules and sometimes different equipment. I think he started to understand when he stumbled across an Instagram rabbit hole of US women’s soccer and saw how different the culture of women’s soccer is than of men’s soccer. He couldn’t believe some of the opinions that were mainstream there. He said you’d never see that in the comments section of men’s sports. They’re two different games entirely.

Honestly this is why I support women’s sports and would abolish men’s sports if I were dictator. Men’s sports create havens of depravity and waste. Women’s sports are inspiring.

I was talking with one of my martial arts friends (we both train) about how women's sports are different, and better. We didn't get into discussion about TIMs, but about how women's sports are better to watch since they have better techniques. As a woman martial artist who trains with men, you HAVE TO develop better technique or you will get beaten to a pulp. You can't just rely on physical strength alone like many men do. This is why I like to watch women's mma more, you get to see actual mixed martial arts and not a basterdized version of bbj. Men's mma is just who is the strongest person who trains bbj, kinda boring. Anyway women's sports does indeed need to be protected. You won't be able to truly develop your skills if it gets taken over by men.