That's interesting I'll look into that later. I edited the title for now, I wanted to post this because the people who claim their gender was incorrectly assigned at birth are full of shit. The sex of the fetus can be learned by parents at just a couple of months, millions of female fetuses are aborted in the world because the family would rather have boys, and if I remember correctly IVF is now on the level where parents can even select the physical traits including sex of the embryo.

Yeah parents can select the sex of the embryo - and put it into another woman

I don’t like IVF, I know lots of people argue with me about it on this site but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t agree with it

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Not all or even a majority of IVF uses a surrogate mother though. You're welcome to not choose it for yourself or even personally dislike it, but it's definitely a part of reproductive freedom for women in general to be able to conceive, the most obvious example I can think of being that IVF means lesbian women can conceive without having to have sex with a man.

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IVF is not necessary for women wanting to conceive without heterosexual intercourse. All that’s necessary is donor sperm and a procedure for getting it to where it's needed - via intracervical or intrauterine insemination.

IVF is necessary only for women or couples with serious infertility issues, or when a lesbian couple want a pregnancy where one woman provides the egg and the other gestates the baby. It is also used in other cases of gestational surrogacy.

EDIT: for clarity, specifics.

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IVF means lesbian women can conceive without having to have sex with a man.

Please stop using lesbians who conceive through artificial insemination to justify IVF! Most lesbians and other women who conceive through artificial insemination do not get IVF. IVF is only for women with particular kinds of infertility issues.

Lesbians and other women have been conceiving without having sex with a man and without IVF since at least the 1970s. Without medical doctors either. The DIY at home method using a syringe or pipette aka the "turkey baster" method works fine for a lot of women.

I am sure you can make your case for IVF based on the specific subset women with certain kinds of infertility issues that IVF is meant for - and any other group who directly benefits. But please stop dragging lesbians into it and using lesbians to cape for your position. It's exploitive. Some would find it insulting too because you are equating being a lesbian with having physiological/anatomical infertility issues requiring IVF. You are essentially saying that the only way lesbians can possibly become pregnant is through IVF. Which is total horse shit.

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I’m aware of other peoples feelings on this site which is why I didn’t bother to go into why I disagree with the whole concept of IVF. I didn’t say I was going to start a campaign against IVF or start picketing outside of IVF clinics and telling women they’re bad people for deciding to opt for it. I just think there’s a wider conversation to be had that most people don’t want to engage in and as far as my feminist interests go IVF doesn’t rank particularly high. It’s not worth sharing my thoughts or feelings on the matter because you or someone else will just shout me down on the matter.

It’s not that deep, I don’t agree with it, your welcome to feel otherwise. This site does annoy me sometimes.