This is actually textbook accurate(or used to be) So I have a degree in sociology, back when I was in school the definition for "gender" was different. It had basically the same meaning as "gender roll" (sexist stereotype). Gender was the way a society saw an individual based on their biological sex. The roll of said sex was dependent the culture. It's honestly just jargon since gender and gender roll had the same meaning. As I was in school in the early 2010s I noticed that each semester would get more woke and focus on postmodernism rather than classical theory.

10 years later and apparently the definition of gender change to "a feeling". It literally changed definition in the textbooks. It's shame that a whole field of study is getting indoctrinated into postmodernism gender ideology. It will eventually discredit everything that sociology was studying.

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I took a Soc of Gender course around 2000. I was taught that "gender" means "sex roles," which is how I still use the word because it's the only definition that makes sense.

Then, later in the semester--same class!--I was told "gender" means the magic fairy that sits in some people's heads and tells them what sex they are.