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I already use the phrases "stereotype-affirming care" and "typecast-affirming care" both online and in real life.

Do recommend, if you don't mind the escalation that WILL ensue if you're talking to anybody who doesn't turn out to be a dyed-in-the-wool terf superstar.

That's gotta be my absolute least favorite of all my un-favorite things about this stuff, is how even otherwise reasonable people have practically ALL somehow become infected with the TRAs' extreme defensiveness, constant "I know you are but what am I?" DARVO instincts, and predilection to launch immediately into ad hominem (ad Feminam??) attacks that are so beyond the pale and honestly just so absolutely all-around ridiculous that I don't even immediately know what to say in response.

I mean like
I know there's a complete media blackout and embargo (how much money is this lobby using? to bribe how many people? jhfca...) so it's inevitable that tons and tons of well-meaning people are misinformed. underinformed, or just flat-out uninformed. Fine.
But how did some of the world's worst, most anti-charismatic people manage to infect so many fairly normal, not-even-maladjusted, humans with their horrifyingly alienating and offputting hateful rhetoric and antisocial personality traits? I don't get it and I REALLY want to know.