Exactly, and even besides objectification, straight men’s perspective was always the one displayed in movies, TV, porn, and other media until relatively recently. So their sexuality was seen as normal and the default, but not anyone else’s

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Most people think woman = sex and don’t see the difference

Yeah it reminds me of conversations I’d have with my dad as a little girl. I’ve always had a feminist mindset but couldn’t articulate it well then. If I complained about women being sexualized constantly, he’d say “sorry, sex sells”. When I asked, why does it always have to be women though? He’d say something like “women are naturally beautiful! No one wants to see a MAN, har har” and it made me feel gross for what I know now is this equating of women to sex. We are not people but just sex.

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Gross. I have had similar experiences; your concerns are trivialized, played off as nothing more than a complaint akin to that of a spoiled child.

They've sexualised every fucking part of us. Nothing a woman does is non-sexual