Except that ‘the queen that never was’ is played by an actor who identifies as non-binary

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Ngl, when I read that one of Rhaenyra's actresses was a they/them I assumed they meant the actress who plays the child version of the character and who appeared in the first episode (the actress is 22, so being university age would track) but it turns out it's actually the adult version who is non-binary and in her 30's. I've never met a they/them over 25 in person.

How odd it must be to play a character who is continuously shamed and discounted for being female while not being one yourself! Seems like the role should have gone to a woman who knows that experience, since the actress has found the secret to identifying out of female oppression.

I know of two over 30 “enbies” one male one female. Both are in hetero relationships and desperately want to be “queer”

My current roommate is an enby (doesn't seem to police pronouns, tho) in his 30s. Super woke.

I know a they/them. She will be 48 in November, and she lives in Portland, Oregon. Of course.

But she's from Oklahoma. If OK changes its laws to allow non-binary designation on birth certificates, she's probably why.

I've never met a they/them over 25 in person.

I've met several in their 30s. One in her 40s.

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Wrong character. The actress that is NB hasn't appeared yet. She will be playing the older version of Rhaenyra.

ahhh okay. Still someone who doesn’t ‘identify’ as a woman playing a woman though.

“The queen that never was” is Rhaenys (not Rhaenyra) so I was very confused as she is played by a 50 year old 😂 But to be honest the non-binary actor's fringe told me everything I needed……

It’s funny cuz In tumblr days they called those terf bangs but I’ve only ever seen them on TQs

Haha, I love you. I watched that episode and didn’t clock that connotation.

HOWEVER, they’re exploiting obstetrical violence in this series instead of rape apparently, so I might still give it a pass.

I don’t think the scene exploited or sexualized obstetric violence at all. It didn’t feel like shock value or a shitty replacement for plot. I was glad they highlighted how little agency even queens have when it comes to their own bodies and fates. I don’t know. I haven’t heard a peep about the gold cloaks scene or the head smashing at the tourney, but a woman dying in childbirth has the whole internet in an uproar.

A woman’s battle is on the birthing bed. That’s the point of the juxtaposition of her c-section and the joust. These men are playing at war while women are the real casualties, dying birthing the next generation of kings and soldiers. Omitting that entire scene, or simply alluding to it, or just cutting to the funeral pyre, would not have the same effect. The scene was necessary. It was brutal, uncomfortable, depressing, and unfair. It was supposed to be. GOT may have dragons, but it is based on real medieval events. Countless women throughout history have died giving birth due to the violent neglect and selfishness of men. I don’t think showing that is inherently bad.

I'd love the reaction stats from men steeped in manosphere glop. The Venn diagram overlaps well with GOT watchers. My husband couldn't look. If I'd had the wit at the time, I should have said 'It's just a woman living life on easy mode.' 😒

I didn’t say it was sexualized, but thanks for explaining the really subtle symbolism of the directors’ choices - it might have gone over my head otherwise.

I don’t need to watch women tortured to death in my entertainment, and I think less of anybody who does. Death by obstetrical torture isn’t a big improvement over death by sexual torture. Do shitty things happen to women? Absolutely. Why do you want to pay HBO $15 a month to be titillated by lurid reenactments?

LOL @ “based on real medieval events.” My reading tastes are as trashy as anyone’s, I don’t judge, but let’s not pretend third tier fiction is anything but entertainment. If you want some insight into the showrunners’ thinking on this (it wasn’t verisimilitude), consider two things. First, they altered the book to fabricate this scene. In the book, a much earlier queen dies this way; Aemma is only described as having died in childbirth. Like the Cersei rape scene in GoT, they’re deliberately making it worse than the source material (maybe to be more historically accurate? 😂) Second, in an interview they said they wanted to portray how in the “Middle Ages”, half of women died giving birth. That is … bananas, and nonsense on the face of it, because the species would have died out fairly quickly if that were true.

It’s torture porn, and if that’s your thing, fine, but it’s not much different than Saw with Ren Faire costumes and a super high CGI budget, or The Handmaid’s Tale (the TV show; the book is superb and its own creature).

That's not true. If you say "half of women in the Middle Ages died giving birth" you aren't saying they died with their first birth. You're saying that's how half of all women in that period eventually died. Could be kid one, could be kid thirteen. And sometimes it WAS kid thirteen. And that's how the hell we're still here.

I thought the scene was fine as well as it served a purpose. The only problem I had was that it seemed ridiculous to me that they would just start cutting into Aemma while she was alive and letting her die of blood loss that way. They weren't expecting her to live so they could have at least done her the courtesy of slitting her throat or something beforehand and saving her that pain.

I say this as someone who would choose that option before submitting to a C-section with the ability to feel all of it. No thanks.

I wonder if they had ever noticed worse outcomes for babies when killing the mother first? That could be why.

But it was a moot point anyway as the baby didn't survive.

mfw the state of women's bodily autonomy in 2022 is near identical to a grimdark fantasy series.

Whats the context of this scene?

She's the pregnant queen and her husband is convinced that she's going to have a boy. She's telling him that she isn't willing to get pregnant again after this because she's mourned too many of her children already. If this one is a girl, he has to accept that he'll never have a male heir.

Is this for real? O_O I didn't even know a new Game of Thrones had started! XD

George R. R. Martin started on a sort of side series about the history of House Targaryen, first book Fire and Blood, which is their House motto. I guess that's what House of the Dragon is based on, if loosely.