Image Transcription


Platform: YouTube comments

Commenter 1: It's interesting how after you stop using social media, your brain no longer accepts photos or videos containing filters or edits as a matter of course. That's what happened to me, at least. I stopped using it and I became more aware that what I'm seeing is not natural, and honestly, you start to think it's even weird how beauty is treated on social media.

Commenter 2: I experienced something similar. I still use social media, but I kind of made my algorithm change to be more geared towards my hobbies and ranch and horse stuff, and not girls I would wish to look like. Now that I've done that and spent more time observing beautiful people and their flaws in real life and even in Love Island (sounds stupid I know, but it allows me to see how even the most beautiful people aren't perfect all the time and have flaws but are still considered stunning), I can barely stand to look at photos of instagram models and influencers. The surgeries and filters and photoshop is so painfully obvious. I don't find them attractive or desirable anymore, and I embrace my flaws more and even see them as contributing to my beauty

Commenter 3: And if you're a bit older. I'm 31 and couldn't care less about these weird photoshopped aliens. It does all look so strange and not appealing if you're not constantly following those people and being brainwashed by what they're promoting. I always think, if I ate like that, I wouldn't be able to climb a mountain (or other fitness activity). I'd rather be strong than frail.