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This is basically how my thinking changed, too.

"What kind of nonsense is this???"

and then...

"OK, I looked into this very much, I have to be kind, everyone has right to self determination and bodily autonomy"

and then...

"Oh fuck them all"

You were a step ahead of me. I accepted their word at first and even fought tooth and nail. Turns out biology be real.

Ironically the more I read and tried to genuinely understand being transgender the more TERFy I got lol

This was exactly me. It never felt "right" especially as I started to hear more about men trying to get into women's spaces. I tried looking into transgender more, trying to keep an open mind and the more I found out, the more and more I began to hate the movement before stopping all support.

Same, except the middle was like an afternoon.

The middle was when I first stumbled on r/MTF. Third phase was about 14 minutes later

Yup. My general ‘live and let live’ applied, briefly.

What changed my mind was all you evil terven brainwashing me.

Just kidding! It was TRA insanity that did it.

This reminds me of a recent Dave Chappelle quote: "I didn't hate trans people before all this controversy. But I sure as fuck hate them now!"

It’s why ‘no debate’. If u listen a bit it’s ok. If you ’hear them out’ it’s a peak.

I can't stand misogynists, and it turns out TRA are constantly spewing misogynist comments. They made their bed. Now they must lie in it.