I think he looks more like Tommy Wiseau, personally. And I think someone agrees with me considering that's his head on Tommy Wiseau's body in that image, haha.

Pffft he doesn’t look like Snape, Snape was skinny. (And he doesn’t look like Alan Rickman as Snape, either.)

Alan Rickman looked better, but, to be fair, most people thought Alan Rickman was too handsome to play Snape ...

He was also too damn old. Snape was about 35 during book 1. Rick man was 60

I really liked him as the Sheriff in the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner.

[–] crodish fujoshit 4 points Edited

I hated Snape's love story with Lily and how all of fandom fawned over how romantic it was. He was a creep. He was a serious incel that stalked her and was bitter and jealous of her and that only intensified when James came into the picture. He only saw her as a thing to be won and the way he treated Harry, even if he ultimately did the best for him at a bare minimum, was just. No, you didn't fucking love Lily, you creep, you had an obsession with her and the idea of her in your head. I think it's fucking creepy as hell that his Patronus became a doe - can you imagine having a Patronus of your own and your stalker goes after you so much that his OWN Patronus changes to mimic yours?! Like what the fuck

Yeah no I hate Snape sorry not sorry and I think it's EXTREMELY fucked how Harry names all his children after people HE looked up to and Ginny basically just had to birth the babies and say "yes dear". Like wtf I never cared about their relationship, she seemed so suddenly and randomly shoehorned in as a love interest and then she went from being shy awkward little girl to kind of badass and cool to boring love interest only there to back the hero up. I just arrrrrgh

/random off tangent rant

Yeah he called her a wizard-slur at one point in the books, and later is content to let her husband and son die for one last shot with her. I would say there’s no fixing a relationship where that happens, LOL.

Uh Crodish I think I may have to vehemently disagree with you for once. I don't think Snape's story with Lily was "romantic" at all, nor a "love story", so perhaps I'm not one of the people you're referring to when you say the fandom fawned over it. But I do not think he was a "creep" or "serious incel" who "stalked her" and "bitter" and "jealous of her" ... where are you getting all of this from in canon?

"He only saw her as a thing to be won" I don't think this is true either. The little boy who was cowering while his parents fought - that Harry saw when he cast protego against severus' legilimens in fifth year - that's the boy who met Lily when they were young. I think he attached teenage boy emotions to his friendship with her eventually, but before that I believe he deeply loved her, not romantically or creepily, but as two young kindred souls, extremely fortunate to have met each other at an opportune time, can love each other. They found solace in each other - severus for the reprieve from his home life and lily from finding another magical being after being shunned by her jealous sister - and I think their love was as pure as children's love for each other can be.

things changed when he was sorted into slytherin and she became popular- I think what happened after their OWLs when they were all 15 is when he started to like her beyond friendship, and she had started to dislike him in friendship because of the company he kept in slytherin, which all culminated in the event with james hanging him upside down and her almost smiling at his grey underpants being shown in front of everyone. she was looking for an excuse to stop talking to him and the situation presented itself.

I saw this somewhere which I somewhat agree with: "Snapes love for Lily wasn't obsession lmao, people who use that word to describe it have no idea what it means and just want to make him out to be some incel. Tbh I don't even think it was romantic, he may have had a crush on her as a kid but by and large I see it mainly as love for someone who was the only one that accepted you for who you were, grief, and regret. If he was obsessed he would've badgered her constantly, followed her around, maybe even just fed her love potions for the rest of her life. He was certainly capable. But no, he respected her wishes, left her alone and let her be with James in peace. By the end he even calls her Lily Potter, not Evans, showing that he accepted the choice she made."

and I think his patronus became a doe because of his guilt, I believe, for thinking he was responsible for her death. and a reminder of the promise he made. although this isn't canon i don't think. but I think he was hanging on to what dumbledore had said about making up for his errors by defeating voldemort. and had that debt been paid, and he had lived to see voldemort fall, I believe his patronus would have changed.

snape joins the death eaters when he's 18 and goes to dumbledore when he's 20. and spends the rest of his life repenting those two years. i honestly do not think he deserves all the shit he gets.

I think it's EXTREMELY fucked how Harry names all his children after people HE looked up to and Ginny basically just had to birth the babies and say "yes dear"

this I agree with (though I think Ginny looked up to Sirius and Albus a great deal too, the rest not so much - especially the last year when Snape had to have been especially foul to her (or so it would have appeared to her) so this is extremely insensitive) and unlike you I actually loved their relationship so this was especially fucked to me. i like to think she was at least responsible for naming Lily's middle name with Luna, since they were very close.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 9 points

Who is this? I don't recognize him.

That's Keffals, the TIM at the center of a recent Internet free-speech battle between TRAs and the forum known as KiwiFarms.



[–] crodish fujoshit 2 points Edited

Wtf THAT'S what that fucker actually looks like?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Edit: holy shit wtf though he looks.... really old and fat here, wtf? It's such a stark contrast to the way he presents himself online and in his streams. I thought he was much younger and skinnier for one - there's a photo of him from right after bOtToM suRgERy and he really did look skinny there. What happened?! I thought he was one of the more "passable" looking ones compared to those that are straight up just men but goddamn

I know right, he's meant to be one of the ones that 'passes' too ahahahahaha

So I take it his pictures and videos are highly edited? Voice, too?

He has “vocal feminization surgery” whatever that means.

I must have only seen heavily filtered pictures of him because I did not recognise him at all.

[–] crodish fujoshit 2 points Edited

Same!! I didn't even clock this as Keffals AT ALL until I read comments

pls don't insult snape like that lol

lucas looks like he was born in a bin

Is this shopped? Why does he look like that 🤣 Where was this picture taken?