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This is a great time to be a female Orc! Personally I think human women and Orc woman could work together pretty well!

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I don't understand? Like Orcs from fantasy?

Yep. The original meme is the orc from Lord of the Rings whose face looks like a dented potato. In the movie he says, “The age of men is over,” and something about the age of the Orc. Been a while since I’ve seen it. Anyway, it got turned into a meme that I’ve always assumed pokes fun at “ugly” feminists. This is a version of the same meme that doesn’t feature an ugly orc.

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I love it.

I can't believe how butthurt men got over that meme. Like, god forbid women acknowledge male-caused problems with society (basically everything wrong with society is caused by the kyriarchy, which is male-supremacist, so…)