I've said it before, but I'll say it once again: there could not be a better woman to come out as partly the "face" for the gc movement than jk rowling. Almost everyone knows who she is, almost everyone either knows about her writing or has read it, she is an example for many and her books have inspired so many people. She has built herself from the ground up yet remained generous. She is well spoken and articulate even in the face of some horrible trolls on the Internet. These people hating on her could have some things to learn from her.

She literally lost her billionaire status because of how much money she gives to charity. Before all this drama she was regarded in the same vein as St Theresa for all her good deeds that doesn’t just go away.

Exactly! And that is só much money. That's probably the reason I don't see many people attacking her because she is rich, because even they know she gave so much of her money away to good causes. Another reason to admire her. I'd admittedly have a hard time supporting a billionaire since I think it is unethical to have so much money - it is completely unnecessary. What she did is amazing.

You're right! She mass-peaked women with that tweet and essay. I remember when there still was r/GC, I'd make screenshots of the member count regularly, after JK Rowling terfed out. It was increasing by the thousands- it was amazing to see. Of course, soon after, the subreddit was blocked.

Just further goes to show that TRAs and handmaidens knee-jerk rejected JK’s essay without even bothering to read it.

That's not even from her essay - that's from one of her tweets, but they're too scared to read even that.

The "block and stay safe" logic in action.

God you’re right it is a tweet! Can’t believe I misattributed holy texts

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And not even just ••a•• tweet.... That's THE tweet. The very first JKR missive to the world in support of Women, common sense, and material reality.

At the time, she was just writing a note of support for Maya Forstater, whose whole kangaroo tribunal had only just begun.

They just blindly believed that she was the reincarnation of Hitler without reading a single word she wrote. It goes to show that they're just a bunch of sheep who blindly believe whatever their favorite influencers tell them to

They absolutely do know what she wrote. They just want to obfuscate facts with "her transphobic views". They can't point to a single word she said that was transphobic.

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i just warmed up my dinner with the heat radiating from that burn

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I've seen TRAs criticize this quote of hers as well. Replies to this tweet had some people saying that the "who'll have you" sounds demeaning and that the tweet is cruel. I wonder if they'd have the same response if they didn't know it was her who said it.

The same thing when JK Rowling said "I support women's right to safe and legal abortion" and some people interpreted this to mean that JK rowling wants women who had illegal abortions to be punished. They will twist anything she says. If anyone else had said it, they would have liked it

Her newest book is out today! Buy, buy, buy and show your support!

Further proof that these people have no idea why they hate her or what the hell she even said. They just hate her because twitter/tumblr/Preddit told them too lmao. I cannot tell you how many times I ran into people who criticized her books for supposed bigotry, yet never even read them.

Trans ideology is a goddamn disease.

An acquaintance told me confidently during a conversation that "JK is a transphobic bigot", yet when asked if he's read what she said he just said simply that he is "following the bandwagon" and laughed at himself. You'd think he was being ironic if he didn't still insist she is terrible afterwards. :|

I already knew before, but that only solidified my view that the majority of JKR bashers are sheep.

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They never fucking read lmfao there was a period of time they put her words next to a stock of some dude and titled it under her Robert Galbraith penname. A whole bunch of TRA liked it.

NONE of them know what the fuck she actually said.

Ok, I cannot be the only one who wants to see the response to the quote pointing out it was JKR who said that. Please, post if it exists! Or was it just radio silence. Either way, this inquiring mind needs to know (so I can laugh harder).

Please and thank you!

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