Not all therapy is trauma therapy.

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Yup. Therapy for offenders exists too. It's very different from trauma therapy. A victim needs to be taught to value themselves. An offender needs to be taught to value others, and to acknowledge that they even are the guilty party because they don't start out accepting they've done wrong.

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Women tell men to go to therapy (ask them to change) in lieu of fighting them and creating a sufficient community defense. Focusing inwardly on mothers traumatizing their sons is not opposite or contradictory to telling men to go to therapy, it’s more of the same. It’s more of “men are hurting us because they are hurt and if we encourage them to get help or help them ourselves, they will stop hurting us.”

If you’ve heard the aphorism “if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail,” it’s like that. Women’s only tool for fixing problems is loving/caring/soothing, so every problem becomes a wound or a lack of love and kindness. It’s true that women bear the responsibility for liberating ourselves from men, but that doesn’t mean trying to keep all the structures of exploitation intact (gender, marriage/prostitution, protection racket) while begging men to be nicer within them, nor does it mean trying to find some alternative form of power (the “just like them” syndrome) that is more morally comfortable for us. It means accepting men for what they are and accepting power for what it is and taking it for women’s benefit.

Women’s only tool for fixing problems is loving/caring/soothing, so every problem becomes a wound or a lack of love and kindness.

Damn, great point.

I know it’s hip to blame mothers for everything, but few children are raised in bubbles. Mothers are not the sole cause of traumatic socialization of boys, come on now.

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The problem with men is not lack of love from their mothers. It's the other men socializing them and traumatizing them. Mothers are the one saving grace we have in this world. They are the only reason some men are halfway decent.

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Maleness IS only ever a privilege (def: 'to accord a higher value or superior position to') in a male supremacist society. A man may suffer many tragedies and traumas in life but it's not because he's living in a female supremacist society where women are systemically denying him job opportunities, bodily autonomy etc.

The way we raise males is traumatizing?!


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Getting off free whenever you do something wrong is so traumatizing

Sitting on your ass while your mom and sisters do everything is the most severe level of physical and emotional abuse you could ever inflict on someone

My brother tried to claim me doing things for him like giving him a lift was abuse because apparently I only did it so I could ask for money. Yeah, I needed to pay for that fuel to ferry you around non-stop. That was the only thing I asked payment for

Privilege is not immunity to hardships of human life. Privileged people get cancer, autoimmune illnesses. They get attacked, robbed, mugged, murdered. They suffer child abuse, sexual abuse, physical violence.

Being privileged doesn’t mean you lived in a bubble where no harm could befall you.

But no amount of harm that a poor white child can suffer changes the fact that they are white. No amount of harm a rich person suffer changes the fact that they are rich. No amount of personal trauma that men experience can change the fact that they are men. And we don’t owe men sympathy.

Boys learn from grown men who are violent and oppressive and they just continue the cycle. Mothers can't influence their sons that much once they're past a certain. Why are women always rushing to take the blame for everything. We didn't create the patriarchy MEN did.