“A woman is an adult human female” is such a basic belief, it’s really not surprising that we share it with almost every other group. I’m not about to become a flat Earther just because some Trump supporters agree that the world is round.

That's something that's really disturbing me lately. The ideological divide is so great that we're supposed to eschew facts, reason, and our own personal beliefs if someone we disagree with on certain things agrees with us on something. It's really messed up.

It's a very "if you're not with us, you're against us" attitude.

I've voted Democrat/Liberal my whole life, but because I'm against gender bullshit, I'm suddenly far-right according to the people I've supported. It's lunacy.

Important not to overlook that this phenomenon has not arisen "naturally"; it is fueled and driven by the way corporate media frames issues and debates. It is not an accident. It serves purposes.

I’m not about to become a flat Earther just because some Trump supporters agree that the world is round.

And that's the sad thing about this country's political divide. If Trump came out and said "the earth is round" tomorrow, many on the left would become flat earthers just to spite him

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Imagine someone telling an abolitionist “you are on the same side as slavers bc you believe slaves exist”

"slaves can just identify out of slavery!! you're oppressing them by telling them they're slaves!!"

Agreeing on facts about material reality =/= sharing beleifs.


It is unfortunate the word "belief" ever came to be synonymous with "acknowledgment of the obvious."

Reminds me of those virtue-signaling yard signs that popped up in Nov. 2016: "In this house we ..." and one of 'em being "believe" in science.

I always thought that was oxymoronic. Science is everything "belief" is not.

Yes, I’m sick of things like “woman = adult human female” being called a belief. Woman is the word for an adult human female and it’s a statement of fact, however one wants to fudge about age or legal niceties.

YES! Acknowledging that females are female isn't like some religious belief, it's just an observable, physical fact. An example of a belief would be "women should be allowed to work outside the home", where some conservatives might disagree with us.

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It's black and white thinking, forced teaming, and a general lack of the ability to think critically. I don't assume that every Christian or religious person out there hates lgb's or is completely anti abortion. Because they're not. If <this> then <that> is not how human beings work.

For decades if not centuries, gay people have been fighting for the right to have their sexuality accepted, which accompanied a fight by women and gay people together that no one should ever be coerced into sex.

Then the worlds most oppressed people came along and said “but what if we made it a rule that your sexuality is respected and you shouldn’t feel compelled to sleep with anyone unless we’re the ones who want to fuck?”